Strong Protection Against Heat Damage? See What Products We’ve Found for You

Do you protect your hair from the destructive effect of high temperatures? If so, good for you! But if you don’t do this, we suggest developing the habit of reaching for a heat protectant before plugging in a heat styling tool. “Okay, but what for?” You may ask. Let us explain why.

Unfortunately, when exposed to high temperatures, hair loses moisture rapidly. More worryingly, the damage caused to keratin bonds is often irreparable. The good news, however, is that there is a way for you to prevent heat damage effortlessly. With the heat protection sprays mentioned below, you will be able to create amazing blowouts causing zero harm to your hair.

Heat styling at home

Let’s be honest, not everyone is a master in hair styling. This seemingly simple procedure may be complicated for those who are untrained or who aren’t into hair styling. Even if you’re good at creating lovely-looking hairdos, there is always a day on which the style you’re trying to achieve doesn’t want to stay in place, or simply lacks volume. Does it sound like a bad hair day? On such days, either a flat or curling iron seems to be the only solution that can help you look better and tame the unruly wisps. And that is perfectly fine, provided that you give adequate protection to your hair first.


#1 Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray

Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray
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That’s one of those hair care products recommended by ladies from all over the world. Offering good value for money, this heat protectant can be found at homes and hair salons. Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray is weightless and gentle on the hair, meaning that you can use it regardless of the hair’s texture – it basically suits all types of hair. As for its main task, Nanoil spray protects strands against temperatures up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit / 220 degrees Celsius, yet that’s not all. Apart from defying heat, Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray delivers nutrients and water, making hair stronger and better-looking. This effect is owed to natural silk proteins that smooth out the cuticles for a shinier and sleeker appearance. Using this product, you can be positive that your hair is in good hands. TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!

#2 Sisley La Creme 230 

Here is a heat protectant that has gathered a huge circle of fans from the moment it was first launched into the market. Sisley La Creme 230 is dedicated mainly to damaged, dull and dehydrated strands – in short, for over-processed hair. There is one thing we may warn you against: this product may deprive your hair of volume if it’s oily and fine by nature, but if you do this carefully, the protective barrier shouldn’t mess up with your style. The rich formula of La Creme 230 combines plant oils with a complex that allows you to use high temperatures to style the hair safely. Thanks to this, your strands become silky, strong, shiny and easily manageable. If your hair would use an extra portion of nourishment, we’re convinced that La Creme 230 is the product you’re looking for.

#3 Davines Melu Hair Shield

It can’t be denied, Davines Melu Hair Shield is a high-quality product that can be yours, unless you don’t mind spending a bit more on beauty products. But once you incorporate Melu Hair Shield into your beauty arsenal, you can be sure that your strands are adequately protected against heat, urban pollution and mechanical damage. Interestingly, this spray is really good at minimizing the risk of dehydration caused by a blow dryer, flat iron or curling tongs. The ingredients that make up the formula are also proven to repair over-processed hair. What are they? For example Villalba lentil seed extract which shows similar effects to keratin. This cosmetic is chosen mostly by those with long hair.

#4 Moroccanoil Protect Spray

This one knows how to shield tresses from high temps. You shouldn’t hesitate to use it, provided that your hair is medium or high porosity – the rich formula may weigh heavy and low porosity hair down. However, if your strands are extremely dry, Moroccanoil Protect Spray will create a protective barrier to trap the moisture and combat brittleness. The same coating isolates the hair from adverse weather conditions such as low temperatures, scorching sun, fierce wind or high air humidity – this is basically how it prevents frizz and static. This is how Moroccanoil Protect Spray makes the hair elastic, bouncy and easily manageable. Provitamin B5 and argan oil, which you can find in the bottle, improve the appearance of hair.

#5 Monat Studio One

That is last but absolutely not the least heat protection spray that delivers stunning effects. Recommended by hairdressers, Monat Studio One offers a unique formula, containing ingredients that are hard to find in regular hair care products. In the gray bottle you have liquid plant-based protein, pea extract and an algae derivative. Together with other ingredients, they compose a vegan-friendly formula that prevents color fading, delivers nutrients and hydration for better-looking hair. It’s also worth realizing that Monat Studio One is free from alcohol and parabens, which is also important for most users nowadays. Naturally, the heat damage protection the product offers is highly impressive, so you can blow dry and curl the hair freely without bothering that you will end up with brittle and splitting strands.