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Oil from Achiote shrub – Roucou Oil – cosmetic properties, effects and reviews

Painters love Achiote shrub – if it were not for it, the women from the Titian paintings would not have such a beautiful, intensely red hair colour (the annatto dye is made from it). In fact, roucou fits the hair like nothing else. The oil produced from the actual Achiote is one of the best hair oiling products. It will also take care of grey, tired, dull skin. What does roucou oil contain and what are its cosmetic properties? Check out how to use it on your hair to look forward to stunning effects.

Roucou oil INCI: Bixa Orellana Seed Oil

What does roucou oil contain? [composition of annato oil]

The roucou oil is cold-pressed from red seeds enclosed in a large, thorny fruit of the Achiote shrub. The oil is pressed, but according to the indigenous people of South America – this effort pays off. Roucou is a valuable source of vitamins A and E, as well as magnesium, calcium, selenium. Thanks to this, it is perfectly suitable for body and hair care. Ellagic acid and beta-carotene in roucou oil are responsible for the processes taking place in skin cells, improve its colour and help maintain good condition of the hair.

Roucou oil – use and cosmetic purposes

Roucou oil is used primarily for the care of mature hair – the power of antioxidants inhibits greying and prevents hair loss. What’s more, it’s a great addition to any anti-ageing creams, you can also use it on its own as a night cream serum or combine (in small amounts) with your favourite body lotion.

Roucou oil for hair – performance

  • facilitates combing hair,
  • prevents frizz,
  • limits the graying of the hair,
  • it protects hair from high temperatures,
  • protects hair from frost and wind,
  • prevents ends from splitting,
  • roucou prevents toxins from penetrating inside the hair,
  • strengthens the bulbs and prevents hair los,
  • enhances the color of dark hair.

Roucou oil for hair – application 

The roucou oil is to be applied to the hair and scalp to strengthen the bulbs and stimulate them to work. For better results, massage the oil into the scalp and distribute it evenly along the entire length. You can leave it on your head for an hour or longer, then wash it off with a delicate shampoo. Roucou is a fairly thick oil, which should be used in moderation – otherwise, it can be difficult to wash off the hair.

Roucou oil for hair – effects 

Hair that lacks vitality, shine and resilience, thanks to roucou oil regain condition, radiance, becomes elastic. Thanks to regular oil hair treatment, it stops falling out and becoming grey.

Roucou oil – reviews 

You can encounter various opinions when it comes to hair oiling with roucou oil. It is very popular among women with dark hair, while blonds claim that the bixin contained in it can change the shade of fair hair.

Roucou oil – price 

Red seeds of Achiote shrub are not too oily, that’s why producing a litre of oil requires collecting a lot of seeds, which unfortunately has an impact on its high price.