Schwarzkopf Schauma Cream & Oil – A Unique Mix for Hair

Original combination of cream and hair oil in one product is something that draws attention towards this cosmetic. We are talking about regenerative leave-in spray from Schwarzkopf Schauma. Where does the idea for the formula come from? How does this product work?

Who said that hair oil must have form of oil? Certainly not Schwarzkopf. Schauma Cream & Oil is a regenerative leave-in spray for hair care that in no way resembles all well known oils from other brands.

Schwarzkopf Schauma Cream & Oil

There can be said a lot about this product, but not all that can be said is particularly positive. Schauma Cream & Oil is a very curious cosmetic, but is it also this effective? The price of regenerative leave-in spray from Schauma is for sure affordable, though.


Unfortunately, hair conditioner in spray Schauma Cream & Oil has particularly unattractive composition. Simple analysis indicates that this cosmetic consists of 6 potentially clogging substances and 3 preservatives. It also contains salicylic acid, that is rather not recommended to apply on hair. It is because this substance is known for causing dryness and irritations. Sadly, the composition of Schwarzkopf Schauma Cream & Oil is full of chemical substances and has nothing to do with natural oils. The only oil in the composition is argan oil, but also in trace amounts, so it will rather do not have any significant impact on hair.


Hair conditioner Schwarzkopf Schauma Cream & Oil is expected to mostly provide regeneration. It conditions hair, prevents brittleness and split ends. Regenerative leave-in spray Schwarzkopf Schauma Cream & Oil will ensure healthy gloss and make combing easier. Addition of hydrolyzed keratin is supposed to complement hair with lacking proteins, which influences general hair appearance.


Schwarzkopf took care of application method. Hair conditioner in spray has liquid formula, so atomiser fulfils its task perfectly. Delicate mist with vanilla scent administers evenly on hair. Regenerative spray Schauma Cream & Oil does not require to be rinsed. Furthermore, you can apply product on damp hair after hair wash or on dry hair when you intend to proceed with stylisation or combing.