How to take care of lips? Total Lip Treatment by Sensai Cellular Performance.

Lip skin, alike eye skin area, neck and hands, reveals our age. It is so delicate that even the slightest irritation may lead to serious damages and ailments. So what is the best way for protecting lips, making them soft and beautiful? The answer to this question is Sensai, Total Lip Treatment from Sensai Cellular Performance series.

The cosmetic Sensai Cellular Performance is closed in a small pink bottle. Despite its small size (the bottle stores 15 ml of the product), the cosmetic is very efficient, even if applied regularly. What is more, due to its small proportions, the cosmetic can be stored almost anywhere – definitely, it will not occupy much space. Another advantage of Total Lip Treatment is the silver cap that prevents bacteria and germs from getting and multiplying inside the cosmetic. The bottle in general looks both elegant and girlish.

Sensai brand dedicated their cosmetic to women who struggle with dehydration of lip skin and the area around them. Total Lip Treatment also helps with anti-ageing treatment that should be applied by women reaching 30. And this is the time, when we can talk about mature skin. People having this type of skin are also familiar with fine lines that appear around lips (these are called ‘expression lines’). Obviously, the cosmetic from Sensai Cellular Performance may be also put on when lips are dehydrated. In most cases, this state of lips is caused by overexposition to sun or freezing wind.

Sensai cosmetic has to be applied morning and/or evening. Before using the product, it is suggested performing lip skin scrub. How to do this? Sugar has to be combined with honey and rubbed into lips. The residues of this homemade cosmetic can be rinsed off with warm water. The last stage is application of Total Lip Treatment from Cellular Performance series. The product has to be patted into skin around lips area as well as directly on lips using fingertips. Owning to this caring treatments, our lips will be smooth, soft and seductive.