Join the blue side: Blue Therapy Biotherm Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Specially for women with mature skin, Biotherm prepared line of anti-wrinkle cosmetics. Line includes: eye cream, night serum with oil and serum against visible signs of ageing. All of them contain, so called Algae of Youth, which nourishes your face and body skin.

First signs of ageing and wrinkles can be observed around our 30s. As first, appear small furrows and lines, which are commonly known as laughter lines. Their presence can be observed on the outer corners of eyes, around corners of lips, between eyebrows, moreover naso-labial furrow becomes deeper. Along with age, more wrinkles appear on face and neck. Skin seems to be covered with a net of furrows, because of water, collagen and elastin loss. It becomes flabby, dull and deprived of natural glow. There are several other factors, which can accelerate wrinkle appearance, mainly: improper diet, diseases, improper conditioning, air pollution, sun radiation and other factors.

It is good to know that Biotherm knows how to deal with wrinkles. And to do that they prepared line of three cosmetics – Blue Therapy. Line consists of: eye cream (15 ml), night serum with oil (10 ml), serum against visible signs of ageing (10 ml). Products are rich in algae, co called Thermal Plankton. That is the ingredient responsible for flattening of wrinkles, moisture of dry skin, reduction of dark circles around eyes, whitening of discolourations and general improvement of skin condition. Application is eased by creamy and delicate consistency of cosmetics. All products absorb fast, and doesn’t leave greasy layer. Thanks to natural composition, this line is recommended for skin care of all skin types.

To smoother wrinkles and take care of skin of face and eyes area in 100%, you have to correctly apply products. Small amount of cream or serum tap in the area around eyes and then massage it until it will be absorbed. Additional massage can be quite beneficial. It will boost blood circulation and accelerate absorption of nourishing ingredients. We can also apply serum on upper eyelids.