Wet Look: Summer Hair Style Straight from Cat Walks

Paris Fashion Week is an infinite source of inspiration and trends. Wet look is definitely the hottest hair style trend this season. Fashion designers seem to reach for it especially willingly. Smoothly brushed back hair at Kenzo cat walk? Streaks like after leaving the pool in Dsquared2 style? Or wet chaos like in Marc Jacobs’ fashion show? Each of this variants is good!

Wet look trend was started by Barbara Bui show. This fashion designer presented wet look as an entirely brushed back hair, stylised to look like wet with water. Wet look version from her fashion show was not smoothed, hair stylists created ruffled with wind hair full of volume. Hair style was fulfilled with juicy claret lips. You cannot deny this fashion designer consistency in hair style with presented clothes. Whole show undoubtedly showed chic and elegance at its best. No wonder that wet look from this fashion show became an inspiration to others.

This is a great proposition for plenty of stylisations. Evening gown will gain chic and nonchalance, but it will look equally well with loose, sport outfit. It can provide natural look if used for beach or on vacation in some sunny places. The most important is that wet look concentrates an entire attention on face. This hair style becomes like a background for make-up, and despite of that ensures elegance and wild look.

This season designers very willingly used this type of hair in their projects. Wet look was present in various fashion shows, that is why there are so many variations of it.

Siren effect is a version truly loved by all stars on red carpet, like Megan Fox. Smooth at base and perfectly styled at length hair are the most popular variant of wet look. Woman with such hair is supposed to resemble siren, which just emerged from under the water. This hair style has also version where hair are not as smooth, but more ruffled, wavy and unkempt. Still tough brushed back and wet on their entire length.

Dull evening hair styles can take a fresh turn with do up wet look. Wet bun is when hair are brushed smoothly back and tied in elegant, tight bun. This season is especially trendy low tied bun, near the neck, like in Zac Posen or Jason Wu fashion shows.