Cosmetic minimalism – How to buy less hair products?

Less does not mean worse. On the contrary! The less conditioning cosmetics you have the more beautiful and healthy your hair will be. It sounds a bit unbelievable, but it’s true. If you still are not convinced, then this article will explain everything. Below are some tips, which maybe helpful for you in limiting the amount of products for hair care and allow you to get to know your hair a little bit better.

Firstly, determine the type of your hair

It can greatly help you choose right cosmetics. Before you head to the dragstore check porosity of your hair, their condition, how curly they are and search for some informations about ingredients that can support your hair care. Conscious shopping is a half of success. It will limit number of unnecessary products and you will save some money. Remember also that advices from your friends and bloggers do not always work. The type of hair of your friends and girls who run their blogs is different from yours (even if you can’t see it at first). Hair care needs to be performed thoughtfully.

Secondly, check what you have in your cosmetic bag

Before you go shopping, check what products you have in your cosmetic bag or bathroom. Do not buy those, which you already have and you are not happy with. There is no point in buying another poorly working hair mask. Would it be better to have cosmetics, which actually work? Pointless is also purchase of cosmetics with similar properties, because you won’t use them all up.

Thirdly, prepare shopping list

Write down names of cosmetics you need most. This way you have exact list of what you need, what can truly help your hair and you will know what is that you don’t need. Only prepared like this, head to the dragstore. Try not to skip any position from the list; do not add to it as well. This is the only way you can complete set of conditioning cosmetics for your hair needs.

Fourthly, test, test and test again

Do not be afraid of testing new cosmetics. If you do not try at least few products, you will never find the right one. If you notice that some cosmetic is not working or that it causes damage to your hair, you can always give it to some friend or relative or use it in some different way. Convince your friends to try new product; cosmetic will use up faster and you will not regret that it will go for waste. And if you find your favourite product, necessarily use it all to the last drop.