Help! How to remove stains made by powder and foundation?

You overslept, eat breakfast in a hurry, you certainly running late for work, apply some quick make-up and suddenly… BAM! Stain is ready. If it happens to you often to mess your blouse with powder or foundation, you should be interested in this article. Read it and see how you can remove stains after make-up cosmetics.

While preparing for night out, you want to look your best. Almost every time you are being placed in front of a difficult choice: make-up or dress? No one wants to mess an expensive confection and wipe finely made make-up off. What should you do when powder or foundation get on the clothes? Do not panic, and try remove this unpleasant surprise. How to do that? Try those few tips.

If you haven’t protected clothes with tissue or a paper towel prior to performing your make-up, be careful not to mess up your outfit. If loose powder will fall on your clothes do not rub it. Gather powder with… vacuum cleaner. Obviously, we do not mean equipment for carpet. In shops with household goods are available small and handy vacuums for clothes, which once and for all deal with stains. Rubbing or flicking loose powder can have reverse outcome than intended. Some cosmetic can get between fibres and will become impossible to remove.

And how can you remove foundation, which incautiously spill on your favourite and very expensive dress? Immediately wash material with warm water with some dishwashing liquid or delicate soap. Equally good result you will achieve by using hair conditioner. Why this products in particular can help you with this problem? Cosmetics you apply on skin of face are usually consisting oily ingredients. As you know, dishwashing liquid and hair conditioner remove grease at once. Wet stained material and apply liquid or conditioner. After about 30 minutes wash material and rinse foam thoroughly. Similar properties have shampoo or shaving cream.