ModiFace – Mirror in your phone

Do you often wonder how should you choose shades of cosmetics on the distance? Or, what make-up is best for you? To help you with that comes new app, ModiFace. Thanks to it you will test several hundred make-up products and create virtual make-up.

ModiFace is not only a phone app, but it is also a device, which is commonly called virtual mirror. Functions of both, app and device, are very similar. What can you gain by use of ModiFace? It will allow you to see if given shade matches your skin complexion. You can also try most of make-up products; starting with eye shadow, through lipsticks and lip glosses to foundation and powder. What is more, in virtual mirror you can apply cosmetics at every part of your face: eyelids, eyelashes, cheek bones. However, the most interesting option of ModiFace is possibility of testing cosmetics of certain brands! That is not all that the app offers. Thanks to it you can… rejuvenate yourself. Special tools allow you to smoother wrinkles and lighten skin complexion.

Think if you need ModiFace app. Firstly, it would make purchase of cosmetics easier and choice of shade of cosmetic would become simpler. Secondly, you can upload colour of your favourite product and skin complexion into the app. How can you do that? You just have to take a photo of the product and then match with it rest of cosmetics out of those available in the base. Thirdly, you can take a picture of your face with ModiFace, and that makes virtual make-up even easier.

ModiFace app is easy in use. It has simple interface and menu, which allow quick and efficient choice of colour and cosmetic. On the other hand, virtual mirror (beside enumerated functions) has also touch screen. If you want to use blusher, bring right and left profile successively closer to the monitor. Choice of shade and product can be confirmed by touching the screen. Make-up with ModiFace is that simple!