Eyes Make-Up

Total Makeover of Your Lashes – How to Repair Them & What to Use

Eyelashes – every woman’s weak spot and one of the key attributes of femininity. Nothing has changed here for ages. Women have always devoted lots of attention to the appearance of the tiny hairs, wanting them to look spectacular. Don’t we all suffer when our eyelashes start getting weaker, fall out, bleach…? Sometimes a regular (and seemingly innocent) change of seasons brings an eyelash crisis. Luckily, there’s a fix!

Eyelashes in trouble – what & why harms them?

The already-mentioned change of seasons is just a drop in the ocean of dangers that threaten our ‘female secret weapon’. To enjoy healthy-looking and salon-like stunning lashes, you must treat them gently. Many of you forget about it, removing makeup in a harsh and invasive way. Doing so, you pull lashes out. Tiny hairs don’t like controversial mascara or makeup remover ingredients either. That is why you must choose these products wisely. Remember that eyelashes aren’t into a draconian diet so provide your body with more vitamins and try a special treatment to avoid ‘slimming’ your lashes together with the body.

Eyelash serum – a lifebelt for tiny hairs

A serum comes to rescue your damaged lashes. It’s a brilliant product which lets you quickly grow up-to-the-sky lashes. The effect of false lashes without the need for beauty salons or expensive treatments yet with healthy and strong natural eyelashes. There’s no other treatment that works this way. It’s a fact that a serum often saves lashes that are damaged after wearing falsies. The application and usage are really comfy – you apply a serum to the lash base and it penetrates bulbs, making them stronger and stimulating lashes to faster growth. Before the lash damage reaches a critical point – you’d better keep eyelashes from falling out and search for rescue. It is a good lash serum.