False eyelashes – how to replace them to avoid damaging the natural ones?

Rumour has it that every woman who had false lashes applied at least once in her life will definitely do it again. They make every makeup look perfect and expressive. One might think that false eyelashes are the remedy for thin, short and sparse natural lashes. Nothing bad will happen if we apply them once in a while, however, there are women who wear them for no reason, on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this leads to damaging the natural lashes! Luckily for us, cosmetic producers have come up with a great solution – an eyelash serum. 

False lashes are a blessing in disguise: they improve the looks immediately and allow to create a stunning makeup, however, they also damage the natural lashes rapidly leaving them brittle dry and sparse. Not only the weight of falsies overburdens natural lashes but also the adhesive can be very dangerous. The glue mainly responsible for their weakened condition. It destroys lashes, weakens and dries them out. Eyelashes become thin, and sometimes they lose their colour in the place where the glue was used. By removing the false lashes, we pull out the natural ones which simply get out of the hair sheath.

Thus, an eyelash serum not only becomes a salvation for weakened eyelashes (it strengthens them from within, i.e. penetrates into the eyelash roots and strengthens them so that the hairs grow healthy and beautiful), but has one more advantage, very desirable by all women: with a regular use, it is able to increase their length and thicken the entire line. Eyelash serum makes applying false eyelashes simply senseless because our own lashes become longer and thicker than usual. 

Many women wonder what to choose – is it better to go for false lashes or try out an eyelash serum. In this case, the best solution is to read online reviews of women who have already done the treatment. Majority of them would recommend the eyelash serum to a friend and are enthusiastic about the results. All of them agree on one thing – they wouldn’t replace their serum with falsies. Thanks to an eyelash serum you will look stunning at all times and not only ‘occasionally’. Another disadvantage of fake lashes concerns the wear – they can come off at the least inconvenient time and the application requires some serious manual skills to make them look natural and prevent damaging the eye.