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TOP 5 Eyebrow Serums You Will Love! RANKING

Choosing the best brow serum doesn’t have to be a tricky task at all. With our help, it’s really easy! Especially for you, we have created a ranking of the best brow serums with the power to condition your brows and give them the coveted definition. Sounds interesting? Keep reading!

How to promote eyebrow hair growth?

Using a well-selected brow serum will effectively promote hair growth, strengthen your eyebrows, and protect them from falling out. Eyebrow serums contain valuable nourishing ingredients that penetrate deep into the eyebrows and regenerate them. Remember that an effective eyebrow serum should feature a carefully composed formula, high effectiveness, as well as flattering online reviews and feedback.

How to stimulate eyebrow growth?

If you want your eyebrows to start growing faster and get rid of gaps, reach for a good eyebrow serum. In our ranking, we’ve rounded up the most popular eyebrow-growth serums that consumers reach for eagerly. These products work effectively so choose the one that suits your needs best. Eyebrow serums contain valuable nourishing ingredients that penetrate the follicles, stimulating them to work. This way, your eyebrows begin to grow faster, become fuller, and…. extremely fashionable.

If you want to darken and strengthen your eyebrows, you need a good-quality product. Put aside the tweezers and bet on brow care. A good brow serum can strengthen them from root to end, make them much more flexible, and provide a good dose of hydration.

Eyebrow serum – what results does it deliver?

How to choose the best brow serum? While creating our ranking, we were guided primarily by the formulas, which should be safe for sensitive skin, and provide phenomenal effects.

A good brow serum:

  • darkens the brows
  • leaves them thicker and fuller
  • fills in the gaps and sparse areas
  • promotes hair growth
  • prevents hair loss and breakage
  • smooths, moisturizes and regenerates the brows


1) Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum

best eyebrow growth serum ranking

Size: 5 ml

Rating: 9,5/10

Price: affordable, considering the quality

Application: precise, safe and effortless

Performance: significantly thickens, revitalizes, nourishes, and moisturizes eyebrows deeply

The professional Nanobrow brow serum is the most popular choice for women worldwide. It shapes and thickens eyebrows, camouflaging any sparse areas. The ingredients include nourishing glycerin, peptide complex, soothing panthenol, and volume-enhancing arginine. Thanks to the special formula your eyebrows will look stunning even without makeup. Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum contains everything you need to regenerate and condition your brows. After just a month of use, they will become significantly thicker, fuller, and stronger. Moreover, the application is really simple. After thoroughly removing your face and eye makeup, apply a bit of the product to the eyebrows. Repeat the action every evening, and you will notice fabulous results much faster than you think. See how phenomenal your beautiful eyes can look with the Nanobrow eyebrow serum!

2) RevitaBrow Advanced

Size: 3 ml

Rating: 9/10

Price: excessive considering the quality

Application: quick and precise

Performance: strengthens eyebrows along their entire length and nourishes them in the long term

This brow serum adds definition to your brow look. The formula contains peptides, panthenol, and lipids that strengthen brow hairs from root to end and give them your dream look. After just a few weeks of use, your eyebrows gain resilience and shine, become thicker and more voluminous, and their condition significantly improves. The product has been ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested, so you don’t have to worry about irritation or allergies. Wash away your makeup, making sure not to use an oil-based product. Then apply a little brow serum with short strokes and let it absorb. Repeat the action once a day.

3) XLash Eyebrow serum

Size: 3 ml

Rating: 8.5/10

Price: unattractive for this quality

Application: not easy due to the runny consistency

Performance: nourishes, strengthens, and adds a natural shine to eyebrows

This great eyebrow growth serum provides fuller and thicker brows in 4-6 weeks. It shows strengthening properties, thanks to the various natural conditioning ingredients. The Xlash Eyebrow serum makes eyebrows more flexible and shiny, and with regular use, they become fuller, healthier, and perfectly filled in – exactly what you dream of. Carefully remove your makeup before use, then gently take out the applicator so the product doesn’t spill, and glide it evenly across the brow. Use this eyebrow serum regularly for at least four weeks, and you will surely be amazed by the results.

4) RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

Size: 3 ml

Rating: 8/10

Price: average, adequate for the quality

Application: easy thanks to the small brush

Performance: strengthens, nourishes, and conditions the brows and moisturizes them from within

A renowned and recommended eyebrow serum created for anyone who wishes to improve the look of their eyebrows and give them the ultimate volume. After 60 days of daily application, the condition of your eyebrows will noticeably improve. The natural formula based on keratin strengthens the eyebrows, deeply moisturizes, and nourishes them to ensure they become strong, dark, and more defined day by day. This top-quality eyebrow serum will make them full of natural shine and simply much more beautiful.

5) M2 Beaute Eyebrow Enhancer

Size: 6 ml

Rating: 7/5.10

Price: definitely inadequate considering the quality

Application: problematic due to the applicator

Performance: promotes hair growth and protects from hair loss

This eyebrow serum comes with a gel-like formula. It is free of paraffin, parabens, alcohol, acetone, or other harmful ingredients. It is easy to apply and the formula prevents the product from getting into the eyes. This innovative eyebrow serum fills in the eyebrows with a beautiful neutral shade and boosts the effect of any brow makeup product. Acai berries make the eyebrows resistant to damage and hair loss, while top-quality peptide complex provides a thicker brow look and strengthens the arches, giving them a lovely shine. This eyebrow growth serum requires daily application, all for defined and healthy brows.

How to use a brow serum?

  1. ➔ Remove your face and eye makeup, preferably with an oil-free makeup remover.
  2. ➔ Thoroughly dry the brows.
  3. ➔ Apply a nourishing brow serum on the entire eyebrows.
  4. ➔ Repeat the action every evening.

Did you know that a well-selected eyebrow serum is the basis of proper eyebrow care? Don’t neglect it if you dream of thicker and darker arches. Eyebrow serums will give you the desired results really fast if you use them regularly, following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Choose an effective brow-growth serum and enjoy the natural beauty of your arches!