Buy less and have beautiful hair! How you can save up on hair cosmetics

Do you think it’s impossible? And yet! You can make it work. You do not need to spend small fortune on expensive cosmetics and treatments at hairdresser’s. All you have to do, is find cheaper equivalents, and your wallet will be much thicker. Let’s see how you can become minimalist in hair care.

The task of shampoo is a thorough cleanse of scalp and hair of sebum, dead skin cells, dust and dirt. It does not have to nourish, smoother or moisturise. What’s important though, is that it wouldn’t cause dryness or irritation. For this reasons, you don’t have to spend all this money on some extravagantly expensive cosmetics. Great will be those products from lower shelf as well. And by the way, why would you have to buy shampoo with ingredients, which have nothing in common with cleansing. For hair conditioning are hair masks, conditioners and mists.

Cosmetic oil is also a product which does not cost little. After all, there is this belief that original and effective hair oil has to cost at least dozen pounds. You can always use some food oils; those won’t be as effective as those dedicated for cosmetic purposes. However, there are exceptions: there are good quality and cheap cosmetic oils and such food oils, which are great for skin care. This kind of oils are olive oil and linseed oil. Equally effective on your hair are going to be oil mixes enriched with cosmetics used in aromatherapy.

You shouldn’t save up on conditioners and hair masks. Obviously, you do not need professional products; the cheaper one are also great. While choosing conditioning cosmetics, pay attention to the composition. Those are nourishing and active substances which provide hair with right hair growth. That is what you pay for.

Hair stylisation products also should be of higher quality. When you buy those, apply to the same rules as in case of conditioners and hair masks. Mousses, hair sprays and fluids are sometimes better for hair stylisation on the hair brush with blow dryer. As you know, hot air damages hair structure and leads to keratin and water loss. Besides, bad quality stylisation product can clump hair and be followed by worsening of hair condition.