Watch out! 10 steps to fine and brittle hair

Hair care is really important, but it should not be limited to regular cuts and use of conditioners. Even the most concentrated hair mask will not be effective if you would not apply to the other rules of hair care as well. Glossy and thick hair are not for those who commit the most basic mistakes. What are those?

1. Fine hair are exceptionally delicate. Unfortunately hot water and high temperature are harmful for hair. Those factors make for their dehydration and as a consequence hair become even weaker. In the long run, heat can damage bulbs and cause hair loss.

2. As far as to normal, thick hair thermal stylisation does no harm, the fine hair are not immune to high temperatures at all. Incorrectly and too often used curler or straightener damages protein structure of hair.

3. Equally important as conditioning is balanced diet. Lack of necessary nourishing ingredients in organism can be a significant problem. Remember that bad diet or starvation diet worsen hair condition. It is particularly visible among people suffering from anorexia.

4. Wet hair are much more brittle and subjected to breakage, so incorrect way of drying them can cause serious damage. You should not rub or pull hair with a towel, because their structure can be beached.

5. Excess stylisation is not indicated for people with fine hair. Available on the market, products for hair stylisation can significantly dry them, so it is advise against use of hair sprays, mousses or gels on damaged hair.

6. Similarly harmful can be hair brush. It is mostly that tight hair styles cause hair to be pulled and damage to follicles. Tight plait or ponytail are not proper hair styles. You should better try some loose and natural ties.

7. Women are very often sensitive to hormone fluctuations. For this reason, intake of oral contraceptive weakens hair and nails, but also worsens skin condition. Pills can cause, e.g. hair loss.

8. Itchy skin can be result of inflammation or dandruff. Sadly, scratch of scalp can lead to weakening of bulbs. It only makes situations worse and causes excess hair loss and brittleness.

9. Sun radiation is harmful not only to skin, but also to hair. Hair do not need sunbathe, because often exposure to sun makes them weaker. You should invest in conditioner or shampoo with UV filter.

10. Fine hair do not like often washing, but they should not be wash too rarely as well. Excessive use of dry shampoos can dry hair and clog follicles. You should not use dry shampoo as an replacement for hair wash.