The best home treatments for hair

Making an appointment with a hairdresser (especially with a good one) to get a hair treatment done borders on the miraculous. The dates available are frequently very distant and the treatments themselves – costly and time-consuming. Luckily, there are plenty of hair treatments that can be undergone at home. They work wonders and you need only natural substances of high quality to carry out a hair-rescuing procedure. Here is TOP 4 best home hair treatments.

1. Activated carbon – Hair detox

Carbon in the form of hair mask is a perfect hair and scalp cleansing treatment; it frees them both from toxins and all possible impurities that gather on our body due to urban pollution. Activated carbon can be combined with oil, egg yolk or yeast and applied to hair and scalp as a 10-minute mask.

2. Hair oil treatment – Hair regeneration from the very bulb

Hair oiling is a treatment which has no equal. The point often overlooked is that hair oil treatment can be received in many hairdresser salons and beauty clinics, no matter of the world region. This is a deep hair regeneration which depends on improving condition of inner hair structures – from the bulb, which is the most important part of hair, to the hair ends. Oil (best if it’s a blend of oils) has to be applied to scalp and allowed to sit form 30 minutes up to a few hours.

3. Cosmetic clay for hair – Cleansing and nourishment delivered to strands

Clays are simply minerals which come into being due to weathering geological process. They are a real mine of nourishing substances and a few highly valuable for hair and scalp minerals. In general, clays have a powdered form, therefore, it’s a good idea to mix it with an oil or herbal water before applying to hair. Moreover, although clay work similarly to carbon, it delivers strong rejuvenating action and is good at regulating sebum level, so in other words, clay is able to counteract seborrhoea.

4. Herbal hair washes – Shine and softness of hair

Hair washes are very popular because preparing them and applying takes… just a moment. In general, hair wash is nothing more but a herbal infusion that has to be poured all over hair as the last stage of regular hair washing. Hair washes can be made of herbs that have been known for hair care purposes for centuries. The plants recommended to treat hair with are: horsetail, nettle, liquorice root, chamomile, aloe, hop. Basically, it’s a good idea to give a go to watered apple vinegar as well. Hair washes close cuticles and deliver gloss to strands after oil hair treatment.