Power of water from Biotherm – Face Cream Aquapower

Water holds the power of life. Thanks to it, life on Earth is possible. Also we, and most of all skin of face, can function properly only thanks to water. That is why in skin care is so important hydration, both on the inside and on the outside. Help with it can face cream Aquapower from Biotherm.

Face cream Aquapower from Biotherm is recommended for everyone with sensitive and dry skin as well as skin with first signs of ageing or requiring regeneration. Cosmetic does not contain alcohol so it is safe for delicate skin. It does not cause irritation, clog pores or lead to blackheads. Cosmetic was dermatologists tested, what proves its effectiveness and gentle properties. Face cream Aquapower from Biotherm consists of moisturising, smoothing and soothing properties. It preserves water in the deeper parts of skin. At the same time it prevents wrinkles, dry skin and discolourations. It protects skin against harmful external factors, provides comfort for skin and can replace make-up base.

How should you use face cream Aquapower from Biotherm?

Product should be applied on clean and dry skin of face, neck and cleavage. Apply it in the morning and in the evening. During application avoid eye area to prevent eventual irritations. Cream should be administered on the central part of face and then spread towards cheeks and temples. To finish this beauty treatment tap cosmetic in with fingertips, so it would absorb faster and better. This sort of massage will boost blood circulation, firm skin and make it look prettier and healthier.

Face cream Aquapower from Biotherm does not contain parabens or fragrances. In its composition present are: thermal plankton extract, vitamins E and C. Thermal plankton accelerates cell renewal, prevents free radicals and provides skin with young appearance. Vitamins E and C smoother wrinkles and lighten discolourations. Face cream Aquapower from Biotherm has white packaging with pump. The capacity of one bottle is 75 ml/2.64 oz., and it lasts for several months.