How To Choose a SPF? A Short Guide to Sunscreens

Sun protection should be considered as a top priority for those who care for preserving youthful appearance for long. For that reason, adding a good SPF cream to a daily skin routine makes huge sense and brings more benefits than most of us can think of. Indeed, a SPF should be applied every single day, no matter the season. Why is that? Because sunscreens keep our skin protected from premature ageing and dryness, to name just two. Which SPF cream will suit you best? Keep reading to find out.

SPF 15, SPF 30 or SPF 50?

First things first. The key role of a sunscreen is to shield you from both UVA and UVB. To reach this goal, try SPF 50 that – as some studies have shown – provides 98% protection from the adverse effect that the sunlight has on human skin. You can use it safely for your morning skin routine. A popular statement that high sun protection filters should be used only for tanning is a myth.

How to apply a SPF?

Most important thing concerning using SPF is to do it regularly. A typical sunscreen should be applied in 20-30 minutes prior to exposing your body to the sun, which in most cases is leaving home. Another important issue is the amount of cream applied – just check on the packaging how much product you’re supposed to use per application. During prolonged time spent outdoors, e.g. on a beach, reapply your SPF every two hours. Additionally, you should put a new coating of SPF every time you get out of water.

Mineral or chemical filter?

Although both types of filters provide sun protection and are equally safe for skin, they are formulated with different ingredients. Their texture differs too. It’s advised to try both and choose the filter which suits your needs better.

  • MINERAL FILTERS (aka. physical) are thicker but the risk of allergic reaction or irritation is minimal, almost zero. They are safe for kids and infants.
  • CHEMICAL FILTERS have a more lightweight formula, thus may be easier to use, but they can occasionally cause some mind irritation (especially in sensitive skin). They remain longer on skin than mineral filters.

Top SPF 50 creams

Below you will find the best SPF creams, according to the users and experts. The products differ with price, size and formula, but all of them provide an excellent sun protection. The good news is that you can wear the listed SPF creams under makeup.

  • Holika Holika, Aloe Waterproof Sun Gel SPF50+
  • Bioderma, Photoderm Nude Touch SPF50+
  • Clochee, Matte Cream SPF50
  • MURAD, City Skin Age Defense SPF50
  • Shiseido, Sun Care Urban Environment UV Protection Cream Plus
  • Vichy, Capital Soleil Sun Cream SPF50