5 Mistakes that Ruined My Skin. Don’t Make Them!

I’ve got an embarrassing confession to make. Who likes owning up to one’s own mistakes? No one, I guess. Still, it’s sometimes good to do it for the sake of others.

I’d like to tell you about top skin-care mistakes I used to make, not just during the beauty routine, but also day-to-day actions. Sometimes, things that seem to have nothing to do with the skin, have a big effect on its condition, for example a diet we eat. If you are ready to see the list featuring the top mistakes that ruined my skin, keep reading. The post will be concise, I hope.


1. Washing face with soap

Oh dear! Now just thinking about that makes my skin scared that I would do that again.

Washing your face with soap is a bad idea because soap is alkaline while skin likes the acidic environment. Soap makes it very dry, tight-feeling and paper-like. The same thing happens when you use water alone. In spite of water appearing to be a great hydrator, it may dry out the skin, but also fails to wash the face thoroughly.

So the question is obvious: what to use instead of soap for washing the face? Use dedicated products like gel cleanser or scrubs. You can also try OCM, or oil cleansing method.

2. Skipping a moisturizer

Yes, you can see it right. There was the time when I figured that a face moisturizer was unnecessary. What made me think so? I still can’t remember but I do remember the consequences of this stupid decision.

Now I know that moisturizer is a must! Without it, the skin quickly loses hydration after washing and is deprived of the protective emollient layer. The skin has a natural hydro-lipid mantle for protection but we tend to destroy it, while washing the face, for example. The toxins and pollutants cause damage as well.

3. Touching the face, popping pimples

Another mistake that made my skin look really bad was… touching it all the time. I just couldn’t help it! Once a pimple appeared, I ran to the bathroom to pop it. I also habitually touched my face and picked any bumps that I could feel with the fingers. I know many girls do the same. Take my advice: stop doing that!

Why shouldn’t you touch the face? Because the hands are the stronghold of bacteria that harm the skin! If you’re an acne sufferer, this may be the cause of your problem.

4. Lack of balanced skin care

I told you about not using a moisturizer. This mistake gave me very dry, irritated skin. After that, however, I didn’t make the skin any better because I used a moisturizer and… nothing else!

Remember one thing: you need various skin-care products. A moisturizer works only on the surface of skin to keep it safe but in order to nourish, hydrate or repair it, you need a face serum which manages to get more deeply. Additionally, use a face scrub from time to time because this is the only product that can effectively clear the complexion and get rid of the dead cells.

5. Unhealthy diet: final nail in skin’s coffin

Last of all, a thing that we tend to forget but it’s actually the base of flawless complexion. I used to laugh at “you are what you eat”. Now I know it makes sense because our menu affects the condition of the body and the look of our skin or hair.

Don’t repeat my mistake! Eat lots of veggies, fruits, and whole grains. Choose foods rich in healthy fats, e.g. linseed oil, avocado and fish. Obviously, remember to keep the body hydrated: we should drink min. 1.5 l of water per day.

The end of the lecture. XoXo!