The skin 20+ and how to take care of it – Basic skincare for young skin

The skin in your twenties is free from wrinkles, but it still has its needs and sometimes even problems. Either way, it requires proper care because it brings benefits over time and can inhibit wrinkles’ appearance for many years. How then should you take care of young skin?

Remember that the sooner you start taking care of your skin the better. Obviously, your beauty routine doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. Choose cosmetics with natural ingredients and stick to a few rules and the outcome will be more than satisfying.

The skin 20+, the basis for young skincare

One of the basic rules in skincare (not just young skin, but all skin types) is face cleansing and proper make-up removal. It’s important, especially for young skin because it’s not stabilized yet and it can suffer from hormonal changes, e.g. excess sebum secretion. That is why you should clean it thoroughly and on a regular basis.

Also, keep in mind that often cosmetics for oily or acne young skin are not very skin-friendly. The use of those products can cause for the skin to change too dynamically. It means that you can quickly irritate and dry it and additionally cause increased sebum secretion. For the face wash use gentle cleansing foam and remember to always use a toner before applying the cream.

If you use micellar liquid, wipe the skin with it morning and evening until the cotton pad is entirely clean. Then use a toner. If your skin tends to be capricious and suffers from excess sebum secretion after just a couple of hours after you wash it, try using blotting paper during the day as it can effectively remove the sebum without the damage to your make-up. Another brilliant cosmetic for young skin is gentle (e.g. enzymatic) exfoliator that you should consider using once or twice a week.

Face cream for people 20+, which should you choose?

At such a young age you don’t need heavy anti-age creams. You shouldn’t use retinol, peptides, or stem cells.

However, your skin most definitely needs hydration so look for a good moisturizing cream enriched with vitamins A, C or E, carotenoids, flavonoids (basically look for a cream with natural oils in the composition). Another important matter is UV filter because sun rays are an enemy of the skin of every age. In the summer, the best choice is the sun blocker and for daily use (also in the winter) you should consider a good face cream with UV filter. Did you know that sun rays are reflecting off of the snow and you can get a tan just like in the summer? What is more, the rays get through the glass and clothing so the protection against it is of great importance.
Choose the cream accordingly to your skin type. If you have acne, combination, or oily skin, go for cosmetics that balance the sebum secretion. Quit all the heavy and high-coverage foundation and replace it with BB cream.

The skin 20+, should you use a face serum?

Of course, yes! Obviously, you do not need to use it every day. Your skin has an amazing regenerative mechanism that works flawlessly. However, on days when you have exams, you’re tired or had an all-nighter, you should help yourself to good face serum. Pick ingredients your skin will surely love, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, or plant extracts (e.g. aloe or algae). Once in a while treat your skin to a face mask, for example with gentle white clay.

The skin 20+, oil instead of cream

It’s skincare hit no matter the skin age so high-quality oil will be the best ally for young skin. You can mix it with a cream or use it as a night serum. Even if you have oily skin, you shouldn’t be afraid of oils. Those are greasy so they ‘take’ the sebum layer of the skin surface. That is why the OCM method is so popular even among young bloggers and vloggers.

The best oils for you will be jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, tamanu oil, hemp oil.


You can use natural oils also in the care of the whole body, nails, brows, or eyelashes. Their versatility makes them the best natural cosmetics, perfect for people of all ages.