Optimal hair moisture – What is dew point?

Optimal hair care is quite a challenge. Choice of right cosmetics has to depend on the problem and condition of hair. However, that is not the only thing that counts. Why are there those days when – despite of exactly same conditioning – your hair frizz and do not want to co-operate? It all because of dew point.

Dew point is a great indicator of how your hair will behave in some weather conditions. Relevant in all of this is understanding what the dew point is. Only then, it will be easier to find perfect hair care and choose conditioning preparations. It depends on dew point whether you should try humectants, or maybe another time. Why?

Dew point – (according to the definition) is the temperature at which dew forms and is a measure of atmospheric moisture.

How does it work in practice? It is pretty simple. The higher dew point the more “moist” day is. Those are mostly those days when humidity is sensible in the air, its foggy or even rainy. That is when you deal with high dew point. There is a reason why your hair do not look that well and excessively frizz. You probably chose wrong cosmetic, which in this particular conditions are harmful to hair.

How to interpret dew point?

Important! Given values are temperatures at which water in the air starts to condense creating dew. Those are not the temperatures of air on the given day!

  • DRY (dew point below -1°C) – at this time you should avoid preparations with humectants and moisturising products. It is better to try conditioning with light stylisation products and with large amount of emollients. Then best are moisturising oils and butters.
  • REMOTELY DRT (dew point between -1 a 4°C) – some hair tolerate humectants at this time and other not so much. You should test it. With such a dew point you can definitely use emollients, though in a reasonable amounts.
  • OPTIMAL (dew point between 4 a 16°C) – this is an optimal time for hair, which indicate tendency to frizz. You can use both emollients and humectants.
  • MOIST (dew point above 16°C) – you should avoid humectants. You may want to try some stronger stylisation products to preserve hair style. You can skip leave-in conditioners and all kinds of emollients.