How to create romantic make-up? Practical Tricks and Advices

For a date, photo shoot or fashion show… For a model and for you. Romantic make-up suits each one of us. You have no idea how easy it is to perform it. You just need four cosmetics. Surprised? We introduce to you make-up artists’ tricks, which will help you achieve delicate and very feminine look at the same time.

Firstly, blusher

Blusher is probably the most feminine cosmetic. It provides face with fresh and delicate look. How can you apply it correctly? Smile and then skim cheeks with blusher. Equally great effect gives cosmetic with creamy consistency. You can use blusher in a red or gold shade. Thanks to it your skin will be perfectly highlighted and you will feel younger. If you are going to the party, blusher with shimmering particles apply on those parts of face where light focuses.

Secondly, mascara and eye shadows

It is time for eye make-up. Use creamy eye shadow. Cover with it upper and lower eyelid. An interesting result brings application of product with metallic finish. Use two shades and create with them, so called ombre. Rub eye shadows on the eyelid. Apply lighter product on the inner corners of the eyes; it will optically make them bigger. Administer one layer of mascara, but be careful so that lashes would not clump. To be sure, brush them with small cosmetic comb.

Thirdly, eyebrows and lip gloss

Finish eye make-up and model and underline browridge. With angled brush draw small lines imitating lashes. Remember to match colour of pencil or brows shadow with colour of your brows or hair. Apply light pink glossy lipstick or a lip gloss on the lips. By use of such cosmetic you will provide your lips with natural effect. Your romantic make-up is ready!