Hyaluronic acid – 5 reasons why you should use it

Hydration will not succeed without a bit of support from the outside. The decrease of the water level in the organism equals skin devoid of elasticity and suppleness, as well as more prone to wrinkles. That is why cosmetologists recommend the daily use of hyaluronic acid. You don’t have to associate it only with injections and botox made in a beauty salon. Go for hyaluronic in a form of serum and moisturize your skin no matter its age or type – every skin type needs hydration.

What is hyaluronic acid?

It’s a polysaccharide that our organism knows really well. More or less up until 25 years of life, we have it more than enough so the skin is supple and young. Over time it’s amount starts to drop. You can observe it when skin changes start to appear due to skin aging. It becomes loose, wrinkles and hyperpigmentations appear. Hyaluronic acid becomes one of the most valuable ingredients delivered from the outside.

Why should you use hyaluronic acid?


Moisturizing is the most important element of skincare. As it turns out, it’s a key to young and supple skin no matter its age and type. Even oily skin requires moisturizing that is why hyaluronic acid is the most important ingredient in skincare. It’s a true hero because one particle can draw and combine about 250 particles of water! That’s a record no other component can beat.


Hyaluronic acid not only amazingly moisturizes the skin, but also rejuvenates. It serves to the skin as a bond responsible for suppleness and elasticity. Hyaluronic acid keeps it in a good form and prevents skin from losing its thickness. It means a lack of wrinkles and a young appearance.


It probably sounds vague but in fact, is one of the most important rejuvenating processes! Collagen and elastin are scaffolding for the skin – if they get weaker, the skin will fall apart and wrinkles will appear. Their perfect condition is maintained thanks to the synthesis to which hyaluronic acid is necessary.


Hyaluronic acid works a bit like a filling in the pillow, it makes skin supple and elastic. If there is a lot of it in our organism – the ‘pillow’ is full and soft. When it’s level decreases, the skin becomes loose and devoid of youthfulness.

Hyaluronic acid – where to find it?

There are various ways of ‘delivering’ hyaluronic acid to the skin. It is usually used in creams or you can get it as a pure hyaluronic acid. Often women decide to get injections with hyaluronic acid, but before you get to such an invasive and pricey method, just try a high-quality face serum with hyaluronic acid. High-quality means such that have good ingredients and form of the acid.

Face serum with hyaluronic acid – how to choose it?

How to choose it and why getting the serum? It’s a simple thing really and that is the way serum works on the skin. Only the serum can reach deeper and penetrate the epidermis so its action is not just superficial as it is for the cream. Face serum contains, so-called absorption promoters which are substances that transport hyaluronic acid and other ingredients deeper, where their action is required.

Another important factor is to choose the right hyaluronic acid because it has all sorts of forms. The best one is the small particles form because the smaller the hyaluronic acid particles, the deeper it can reach and works better for the skin.

The conclusion: if you want to deliver skin with the best hyaluronic acid, you need to choose hyaluronic acid with small particles. You will obtain the best effects and perfectly regenerate and moisturize the skin.