5 crucial skincare ingredients

In order to take the best care of the skin, you need to know what to deliver to it. Do you know which ingredients are the most important in skincare? You may be surprised to learn that it is not going to be swallow saliva or viper venom. Today, we will skip the commercial ingredients and focus on the top-rated substances that are known and valued for years when it comes to skincare. Those are the ingredients that make skin beautiful and young.


Use it on a regular basis, best in light face serum because it will then be like a booster that you can use before make-up. Thanks to it, the skin becomes radiant and achieves the glow effect. Vitamin C is perfect after the summer because it helps get rid of minor hyperpigmentation. It perfectly evens the complexion. Vitamin C in the form of face serum absorbs easily and works on the surface of the skin as well as in the deeper skin layers.

Apart from brightening all types of hyperpigmentation, it also increases collagen production in the skin. It is also an amazing antioxidant, makes skin resistant to toxins from the air, and for this reason vitamin C is often referred to as “urban”.


Is a form of vitamin A and it is one of the best-researched ingredients used for its beautifying properties. It is the favorite ingredient of cosmetologists because systematic use of retinol on the skin provides an actual rejuvenation effect! You simply need to be patient and systematic to make skin renewed and wrinkles flattened. Did you know that retinol in its concentrated form is often prescribed as tretinoin for patients with severe forms of acne? The cosmetics with retinol strengthen the epidermis and increase collagen production in the skin. Remember also that the new-gen retinol doesn’t cause skin irritation as it happened with the first forms of vitamin A in the past. During the day and especially on hot sunny days you should use protective cream along with the retinol.


These are protein particles that are part of the chain of the amino acid. The use of peptides in cosmetology is unlimited because the small peptides support regeneration and stimulate collagen production. When peptides are used in serum or cream make skin perfectly smooth and tight.


Though its name contains the word “acid” you shouldn’t associate it with the erosive properties hold by numerous chemicals. Hyaluron is the master of hydration. It is irreplaceable as it can attract even 250 particles of water! No other substance is capable to provide the skin with such moisture. Hyaluronic acid is mentioned in cosmetics as┬ásodium hyaluronate – it is the form of small particles that are able to reach deeper skin layers.

Another form of hyaluronic acid is┬ásodium hyaluronate crosspolymer – this type of hyaluronic acid deposits on the surface of the skin to protect it against water loss and providing a hydration effect.


Vitamin B3 is known as niacinamide. It is the perfect cosmetic for all of you who deal with constantly widened pores. it is significant that vitamin B3 is great for sensitive skin prone to irritations. What is more, niacinamide can eliminate the first signs of ageing as it flattens minor wrinkles and improves skin condition. Vitamin B3 holds also anti-inflammatory action so it helps calm acne and acne remnant.