Hottest Brow Enhancer! Flawless Brow Make-up with Nanobrow Shape Mascara

Looking for a quality brow mascara? How about one that gets glowing reviews like Nanobrow Shape Mascara? Check out the hottest eyebrow mascara out there!

What’s Nanobrow Shape Mascara?

The precision brow mascara from NANOBROW is designed for shaping the brows and adding beautiful color. It has an exceptional texture and envelopes each hair to leave it thicker. The mascara is appreciated by those with thin, barely-there brows as well as those with thick hairs that need styling and taming. Thanks to the perfect consistency, it improves the appearance of brows, boosts shine and leaves the arches thicker-looking and neat. The lovely colors will look amazing and natural on your brows for sure.

Nanobrow Shape Mascara

Mascara available in colors:

Does Nanobrow Shape Mascara condition the brows?

Yes it does! The formula is rich in silica – an important ingredient which strengthens, conditions and prevents damage. The brows are constantly nourished – whenever you wear Nanobrow Shape Mascara.

How to use Nanobrow Shape Mascara?

Easy! You open the tube and comb through brows using the spoolie. The smooth texture colors the hairs adding definition and shaping them just the way you like.

Can you pair Nanobrow Shape Mascara with other brow make-up products?

Sure! The mascara is an amazing addition to a brow pencil, pomade or powder! Want bolder brows? Big on clearly defined arches that stand out? Feel free to combine different techniques and products to achieve the best effects! You can use the Nanobrow’s pomade to fill in the brows and then accentuate the individual hairs using the Nanobrow Shape Mascara. Are your brows thin and patchy and you need bolder make-up to make them noticeable? The mascara in a combo with the pencil or powder is great for creating perfect arches. Use it as a finishing touch to create the desired dimension and make the brows appear fuller!

What’s the effect of Nanobrow Shape Mascara?

Just one coating of brows becomes slightly thicker, bolder, and has an intense color. If you need more definition, add more layers. Nanobrow Shape Mascara is the secret to instantly voluminous eyebrows. The mascara will improve even extremely thin and light hairs, leaving them thicker and more noticeable.

Where can you buy your Nanobrow Shape Mascara?

You can buy this top-rated brow mascara any time – go to and add Nanobrow Shape Mascara to the cart! Enjoy shopping!