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TOP 4 Best-Selling Brow Pomades

The best eyebrow pomade? You’ll find it here! You no longer have to search cluelessly and buy random products to experience yet another beauty disappointment. Check out the most recommended brow pomades, choose the perfect one for yourself, and enjoy your perfectly defined and bold eyebrows!

Eyebrow pomade – effects

  1.  Eyebrow pomade helps define even the thinnest and barely there eyebrows. Its unique texture facilitates brow makeup: you can gently overline your brows to make them look fuller.
  2.  It creates the effect of professionally-done naturally thick eyebrows!
  3.  A good brow pomade is easy to use, even for beginners. If it is of good quality – you can apply it in layers and build up the coverage, and if necessary, brush out the excess with a spoolie.
  4.  It adds definition to your look as the brows set the tone of the whole face, improve the features, and add depth to your gaze.
  5.  Brow pomade is efficient and long-lasting. The best eyebrow pomade ensures several months of beautiful eyebrows and long-wear fabulous makeup that doesn’t require touch-ups during the day.

TOP 4 best brow pomades – RANKING

What is the best brow pomade? You no longer have to wonder as we’ve found it for you! We picked it after days of testing a dozen different pomades. We subjected them to many tests: durability, formula, consistency, available shades, size, price, and reviews. Do you know which is the most recommended and perfect brow pomade? Check it out!

1. A SENSATION! Eyebrow Pomade – Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade

favourite eyebrow pomade nanobrow

This brow pomade has basically no competition. It is unbeatable and passed all our tests flawlessly. The most important thing is how it fills in the brows: the effects are wonderful! It delivers beautifully defined eyebrows and it’s only up to you whether you fancy delicate and subtle daytime makeup or a bold evening look. Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade ensures you can achieve different makeup looks. It is versatile, as it also allows you to effortlessly define your arches and give them your dream shape, fill in gaps and mimic real brow hairs to camouflage sparse areas. We know you’ll love its excellent formula: it’s neither too runny nor too thick, so it glides smoothly on the skin. Even if you are not skilled in brow makeup, you can master its application in no time!

Nanobrow pomade features:

  • 3 beautiful, natural shades, perfect for any complexion,
  • long-wear effects, high quality, and perfect texture,
  • great price,
  • big size and great efficiency,
  • excellent reviews confirming it’s the most recommended pomade,
  • great makeup effects,
  • versatility and the possibility to create various brow looks!

2. Kat Von D Beauty 24-Hour Super Brow Pomade

We were baffled for a long time: the Kat Von D pomade or the famous Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade? We opted for Kat as it dazzled us with its unusual gel-like formula, which is why it’s also often described as a brow gel. We were also charmed by the available shades: it’s the only green, yellow, or red pomade out there, and here you have a whole palette of colors to choose from! The Kat Von D pomade provides you with more than just brow makeup: the unusual shades can be used as eyeliner or even lip liner. It’s great for creating unique makeup looks, so if you dream of burgundy brows to match your red hair, voila! You’ve just found the best brow pomade for yourself! The product is long-wear and definitely attention-worthy. The Kat Von D brand is famous worldwide for its top-quality products, in this it’s the highly recommended brow pomade. Our only regret is that it is so expensive.

The Kat Von D pomade features:

  • more than a dozen different shades available, including unusual ones (blue, navy, green, etc.),
  • unusual slightly gel-like consistency,
  • easy application,
  • surprises with its long-wear effects,
  • pricey.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

A renowned, very popular, and quite often recommended brow pomade, although many think it’s unfortunately not for every budget. However, it deserves a place on the list of our top picks, as it was one of the first pomades on the beauty market of such exceptional durability, great formula, and shades. To this day it can be found in the makeup kits of many makeup artists. It allows you to create great coverage and bold makeup looks. It’s perfect for evening makeup for a big night out. It comes in a huge variety of 11 shades which some love, while for others may be a little confusing how to choose the best shade since they’re all quite similar to each other.

Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pomade features:

  • exceptional durability,
  • strong pigmentation,
  • great formula,
  • 11 shades to choose from,
  • high price.

4. Benefit Cosmetics POWmade

The Benefit brand is well-known for its eyebrow makeup products. This soft paste comes in a typical Benefit retro-style jar. Is it the best eyebrow pomade though? It’s certainly worth including in our ranking, as it fills in the brows decently, delivers long-wear effects, and comes in interesting and intense shades. There are eight shades available, most of them quite dark with different hues. It’s worth seeing the shades in real life before the purchase. The producer ensures 36-hour durability, although we’re not sure whether you’d want to go that long without washing away your makeup. The price is high, which is certainly a downside.

Benefit Cosmetics POWmade features:

  • 8 diverse shades,
  • super long-wear formula,
  • waterproof,
  • a jar designed with a special rim to dab the brush to avoid wasting the product.