Effect of essential oils. How to use scented oils?

Essential oils are most often used in aromatherapy or as natural fragrances in cosmetics. However, the use of essential oils is much wider. How can you use them? Are they suitable for a massage?

Essential oils are most often mentioned when discussing natural methods of treatment. Depending on their type, they have various properties and heal a range of conditions –  headache, digestive problems, rheumatism etc. Aromatherapy is the main branch in which essential oils have been used for…centuries! They were already known in ancient India and Egypt. What’s more, already at that time, various massage techniques with the use of essential oils were developed.


Depending on the choice of the oil, we can expect completely different properties. Here are the most popular oils that are eagerly used in aromatherapy or care:

  • lavender oil – it has a calming effect, relieves ing pain and reduces cellulite,
  • lemon oil – regulates the secretion of sebum, acts bactericidal and tones,
  • pine oil – strengthens the immune system, stimulates blood circulation, nourishes,
  • tea tree oil – provides antibacterial action, cleanses, reduces acne,
  • mint oil – it is analgesic, brings relief and refreshes,
  • rose oil – it soothes irritation, restores elasticity, regenerates and moisturises.


Good essential oils work well not only in aromatherapy although they are most often used in diffusers or warmers. By spreading their scent, they get you in the right mood, they have a calming effect, relax and can solve the problem of insomnia. The action of essential oils, however, is not limited to this. You can successfully use them in skin and hair care, although you have to be careful not to overdo it with the amount. When used in excess, they can irritate.

  • Hair oiling – essential oils have very interesting cosmetic properties yet are not necessarily recommended for hair oil treatment. If you want to use an essential oil on its own, it is best to apply it to the scalp to stimulate circulation and boost hair growth. However, if you wish to apply them to the hair, make sure to combine them with other natural oils suitable for hair oiling.
  • Skin massage – there are no major contraindications to the use of essential oils on the skin, which is why they can be used for relaxing and therapeutic massage. On one hand, the aroma of oils relaxes, and on the other hand, the action of essential oils also has a positive effect on our health. This way, for example, we can get rid of muscle pain or tension.