Ultimately Longer And Thicker Lashes? TOP 5 Lash Serums – Our Ranking

Do you dream of spectacularly long and thick lashes? Now you can have them too! The most effective way to achieve this dream is to choose the right lash serum to condition your lashes from the roots to the ends. Check out our 5 top picks.

What nourishes eyelashes best?

Eyelash serums provide the lashes with all the ingredients they need to function properly. These are products with carefully selected ingredients that work from within, promoting hair growth. They also provide them with protection from damage, breakage, and lash loss. A good eyelash serum should be tailor-made and rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that strengthen and thicken eyelashes.

The lash serums included in our ranking ensure maximum ultimately long and thick lashes. They ensure healthy hair follicles from within, stimulate them to grow, and provide protection from harmful environmental factors. All for a captivatingly beautiful gaze!

TOP 5 lash serums – meet the most popular lash serums


This top lash serum is enduringly popular. Just one month is enough to enjoy the intense color, stunning length, and volume of your eyelashes. Your gaze will finally gain expression! The key to success is a unique formula based on natural ingredients that will condition your lashes from within. The serum’s formula, confirmed by numerous clinical research, is safe for every consumer. It is the best solution for sensitive eyes. The unique Nanolash lash serum is every woman’s beauty essential. The product delivers results already after 15 days of use, and this is only half of the treatment. The lashes become longer, fuller, and darker – you won’t even need a mascara. The precise brush makes daily application of the product pleasant and easy. The lash serum from Nanobrow is one of the best products on the beauty market!


The Lashcode eyelash serum provides intensive care for even the most demanding lashes. It delivers spectacular results – it leaves the lashes twice as long, thicker, and darker. Women often reach for this product as it is so reliable. It nourishes, regenerates, and strengthens thin and weak lashes. The precise, ergonomic applicator makes it easy to apply the product every day. The Lashcode serum was created for every woman who wishes for a perfect and phenomenal gaze. The rich formula, full of natural ingredients, conditions the lashes from the follicles. The formula contains, among others, strongly regenerative soy and wheat germ extracts, baicalein that works as a natural UV filter, effectively moisturizing arginine, which also prevents lash loss of eyelashes and a complex of strongly rebuilding and regenerative peptides.


This lash serum is renowned worldwide. It is effective and safe, created for even very demanding consumers. The product stimulates lash growth, strengthens the lashes, and protects them from damage. It supports the revitalization of weak and thin eyelashes and maintains their proper hydration. It delivers great results of a natural and deep gaze. The technologically advanced formula contains BioPeptin Complex®, which includes: numerous amino acids, nano peptides, biotin, vitamins, and the highest quality botanical extracts. The RevitaLash lash serum protects eyelashes from damage and prevents excessive lash loss.


Xlash eyelash serum is an effective ally in the fight for healthy and long eyelashes. After just 3 weeks of use, you will achieve the desired results. This lash serum intensifies the color of your lashes and thickens them ultimately. This product is gentle for sensitive eyes. The combination of natural ingredients leaves your eyelashes nourished, moisturized, and revitalized. It’s a non-animal tested and hypoallergenic product that consumers eagerly reach for. Xlash Eyelash Serum is easy and convenient for daily use. If you have already achieved the desired results, apply the eyelash serum every 2 weeks to maintain the results.


This good eyelash serum delivers the desired results. After just 14 days of use, your eyelashes become full of natural shine and highly moisturized. The nourishing complex ensures healthy lashes from the roots up, working at the source of the problem. Regular use of this eyelash-growth serum makes your eyelashes gain noticeable volume, as well as gain protection from harmful environmental factors. The concentrated formula is safe even for owners of sensitive skin. Initially, at the beginning of the treatment, you may notice your eyelashes start to fall out but don’t worry – this is a natural process, as this lash serum stimulates hair growth. After 2-3 weeks, new lashes appear and look much thicker and fuller.

Eyelash-growth serum, how to care for eyelashes?

With a good eyelash serum, you can bring out the true beauty of your gaze. A lash-growth serum that is tailored to your needs will make your lashes darker, longer, and ultimately voluminous after just a few weeks of use. If you want your eyelashes to look more seductive, you should start caring for them regularly. Choose one of the most recommended lash serums to give your eyelashes valuable hydration and everything they need to function properly.