Lashcode mascara – natural perfection in make-up

A private make-up artist of women that makes obtaining the perfect and expressive eye make-up is far from being challenging. This is how Lashcode mascara works. Its silky formula of intensively black colour doesn’t only define the shape of eyes but also it takes care of each eyelash individually.

Lashcode is the only mascara that puts the equal sign between make-up and eyelash care. Only healthy and strong eyelashes, coated with the powdery formula, might look amazingly and as good as never before. The precise applicator, intensive tint and the highest quality ingredients of the formula create the very code to beauty, which is revealed to all the women from all around the world thanks to Lashcode.

# Long eyelashes stunning with the volume

Discover the phenomenal eyelash volume and feel confident in your own skin. Lashcode is a mascara that provides even up to 3 times longer, thicker and voluminous eyelashes for long hours. 24-hour lifespan of make-up owned to Lashcode is possible thanks to two crucial factors the beauty product combines:

1. Precise applicator – a spiral of Lashcode is a small, silicone wand, narrowed at the tips; its grooves and silicone bristles of diversified length provide easiness of coating even the shortest and thinnest eyelashes growing in hard-to-reach places (corners of the eyes).

curling mascara - Lashcode

Lashcode mascara – www.lashcode.us

2. Innovative formula  – the unique combination of Lashcode ingredients is the most intensive, black pigments and additional substances that, due to being mixed in the powdery formula, enables the perfect eyelash coating as well as defining and improving flexibility of eyelashes from their roots to the tips.

# Naturalness out of concern for eyelash beauty

Get to know the only mascara that contains a blend of such care ingredients that was composed under the careful supervision of specialists. Lashcode is a mascara that doesn’t only extend and thickens eyelashes perfectly, but also it takes a tender care of them while being applied. With every minute Lashcode mascara coats the hair around eyes, positively influences eyelashes’ health and look. It contains the following substances of beautifying and strengthening action:

  • Vitamin E – strong anti-oxygenating agent that accelerates eyelash growth,
  • Panthenol – penetrates deep inside the eyelashes providing shine and smoothness,
  • Arginine – natural amino acid replenishing eyelashes with water,
  • Baicalein – the extract of Scutellaria roots is responsible for slowing down ageing processes,
  • Soy Extract – reinforces eyelashes from their roots, keeping them from falling out,
  • Wheat Extract – influences eyelash elasticity and self-rebuilding processes.

Owned to the light and very powdery formula of Lashcode enriched with the best additional substances, the mascara takes care of eyelashes every day, for many hours, always when we wear it. This is the second, importnat step in eye make-up.

EFFECT – the look you won’t forget!

Lashcode mascara provides eyelashes with spectacular volume and thickness, extends and, at the same time, curls eyelashes. However, above all, the mascara defines the eyelashes thanks to the intensive black colour and conditioning the hair form the inside. In essence, thanks to using Lashcode, you are guaranteed the 24-hour flawless, obvious make-up which shapes eyes and brings out the natural beauty. Without clumping nor flaking off.

19 Comments “Lashcode mascara – natural perfection in make-up”

  1. EveningAngel

    Finally found my perfect mascara 🙂

  2. Banny

    extra precise wand, each lash is coasted with the product and nicely curled

    • KD

      never been fond of silicon wands but this one is a thing of beauty. Reaches even shortest lashes. An ideal for short lashes.

  3. MoniqueCe

    I hesitated if I should buy a mascara I have never heard of before and that was never tried by any of my friends and it turned out to be a good choice to make. It’s been quite some time since a cosmetic delighted me! It extends maximally and bolds, but with no clumps. Besides, with first layer it visibly makes eye pop. It’s my first but certainly not the last bottle

  4. Joan95


  5. Nathalie

    the thing I like most about this mascara is its deep matte color. No fading throughout the day, no flaking nor any other way it would disappear from the eye.

    • Annica 456

      Color beautiful and intense, pity that’s just one to choose. I love navy blue mascara!

  6. unusual

    Super long-lasting although not waterproof. Stays on no matter the weather, does not require touching up on the go as it usually is with other mascaras. I find it delightful 🙂

  7. Madeline28

    I’m skeptical when I hear that make-up cosmetic also conditions but I guess it works here 🙂 since I started using it my lashes are stronger, so less falling out during make-up removal

  8. Mrs Manager

    recently discovered this mascara and as I begun to use it I hear people asking what have I done with my lashes? 🙂 some of my friends wouldn’t believe when I told them these are my lashes 🙂 I think it sums up this mascara perfectly.

  9. Agatha

    Lately I hear only good things on this mascara. Must try it finally to check for myself whether it is this good 🙂

  10. Marlene B.

    Just ordered and impatiently await my package

  11. Paul.A

    perfect for me- my eyes are settled deep and thanks to this wand I can easily reach eyelashes and do not worry that it will be all over my face

  12. a.kavk.a

    I saw it on my friend’s eyelashes and it looked awesome. Well, it’s just great but too expensive for me 🙁

  13. fvhip*

    the best mascara in the world!!

    • Alexandra Wu

      oh come on.. I admit it’s good but for sure there are other as good.

  14. Camilla_M

    Does any of you know whether it’s good for sensitive eyes? 🙂

    • Pauline

      I tested on mine and have super sensitive eyes, so many mascaras, eye shadows and eyeliners cost me an allergy and when using lashcode it’s all okay. I chose it ’cause I knew that the components are great and it worked for me.

      • Hello

        Before I bought it, I made a research on several blogs and I saw that numerous girls recommend it as gentle, non irritating cosmetic. I can recommend it myself.