Eyelashes fall out and refuse to grow! What can you do to enhance them?

What can you do when your lashes are getting worse? If you lose 2-3 lashes a day, this is perfectly normal and you don’t need to worry – the time has come for a lash to fall out and it’s replaced by a brand new hair. However, if you lose more of them, you might be suffering from some diseases or you simply ignore daily lash care. We share the best tips and remedies for eyelash loss. They do exist!

How to stop lash loss?

1. Eyelash make-up: remember to keep the mascara wand clean!

This is a small detail that turns out to be big! It affects the condition of your lashes. Mascara clumps on the brush spoil your make-up and worsen the appearance of lashes as well as their condition – you transfer germs onto the lashes. All toxins, bacteria and microbes spark the eyelash loss. That’s why cleaning the mascara brush is one of the key things that keep the lashes healthy.

2. Eyelash care: reach out for a lash serum!

Eyelash growth serum is still the one and only fully-effective product made for lashes. This kind of product is designed to fulfil the needs of lashes and strengthen them from the roots to the tips. The serum is able to thicken and extend the lashes so they are twice longer and fuller. Read the reviews and product rankings to choose the best lash serum for you. This is the easiest and currently the most effective lash growth booster.

3. Eyelash loss: do supplements work?

If your diet lacks vitamins, the lashes will eventually suffer. You can strengthen them from within by changing your eating habits or at least taking vitamin and mineral supplements. Did you know that nettle or horsetail teas benefit both the hair and lashes? One cup a day is enough to notice the improvement after around four weeks.

4. Eyelash make-up: try to find a lash-nourishing mascara.

There are tons of mascaras at the stores so we may feel overwhelmed. They all promise lovely full lashes but you should go for one that doesn’t just enhance the appearance but also improves the lashes thanks to the powerful natural plant-derived substances in the formula. Ideally, pick mascara feat. natural oils, wheat or soy sprout extracts and panthenol. This type of mascara has a beautifying effect, strengthening the lashes and preventing damage at the same time.

Eyelash loss. Must-read!

If your lashes keep falling out despite you caring for them every day, don’t downplay it. Consult a physician to detect the cause. The examples include medication, hormonal imbalance or eyelash mites (human parasite).