Hair oiling with a mist – does it work?

If you are a fan of  hair oiling and constantly look for new methods, or if you are just starting your your journey with oils and you do not know which method is best for you – read the following article. It presents a very gentle method of hair oiling, which is often omitted during daily care. It is hair oiling with a mist.

What is hair oiling with a mist?

Long story short – it is hair oiling based on spraying oil all over your hair, with the use of an atomiser. Oil should be diluted (you can combine it with a nettle, chamomile, horsetail brew or aloe vera mixed with water, lemon juice, honey, milk….the list of substances that can be use in hair care is extremely long). Pour oil into the herbal brew, adjust the amount of oil to the thickness, length and most of all, the condition of your hair. Keep in mind that dry hair ends will require a lot more nourishment, while thicker and stronger a bit less (about 2,5 ml of oil and 250 ml of water). Hair oiling with a mist is extremely convenient. Because it does not take too much time, it can be done several times a day whenever you feel that your strands require nourishment and protection. Additionally, this type of hair oiling is a very gentle form of care. The atomiser allows to distribute the cosmetic evenly over the entire length. In consequence, the product does not weigh hair down and the application is quick and easy. Moreover, hair oiling with a mist not only facilitates combing hair, taming, styling but also protects both ends and the entire length of hair. Such procedure is a it is a great complement to deep hair oiling treatment.

Hair oiling with a mist is not enough, to regenerate and nourish hair. Its biggest disadvantage is that oil in this for should not be applied on scalp – which health plays the key role in hair care. If the scalp suffers from any disease and the processes taking place on its surface are interrupted – you cannot dream of strong and healthy hair. This requires us to apply oil on both hair and scalp. Oil must be kept on your hair for a minimum of one hour, however, the longer the better. In this case, time matters and the more time you give your oil to work, your hair will be better nourished. Therefore, oiling with a mist must be reinforced with an overnight hair oiling treatment. Thanks to it your strands will be protected and nourished.