Roll out your wrinkles and dark circles around eyes: Eye Rule by Sampar

Wrinkles and dark circles around eyes are these skin problems that every women, without exceptions, would like to stay away from. Even worse is the awareness that there is not much to do about these skin imperfections, their occurrence is inevitable. Are we doomed to have face covered with fine lines? Not really! Sampar decided to eradicate this problem from women’s faces and handed in Eye Rule, a cosmetic taking care of eye skin area, to all the beauty-lovers.

Why are wrinkles and dark circles under eyes so cumbersome?

Firstly, they date us and make us look unattractively. Secondly, they work as a betoken of our lifestyle. To clarify, if you are applying bad eating habits, spending long hours in front of a computer, do not have good night rest or using cosmetics that are not suitable for your skin type then you are deteriorating your complexion’s condition unconsciously. Skin becomes dry, flabby and sensitive. As a consequence, wrinkles (so-called ‘crow’s feet) develop together with sagging and dark circles. Luckily enough, there is a way to improve skin’s condition. Suffice to moisture it regularly, cool it down and give it a massage. This is enough to make our face look pretty and young again.

Global anti-aging fluid for eye contour for all skin types, Sampar Eye Rule, fights against five signs of skin around eyes ageing

These signs are skin tension problems, flabbiness, dehydration, lack of proper blood circulation and urban pollution. For example, lack of firmness results in sagging under eyes. Dehydration is connected with greater risk of immunity deficiency as skin becomes more prone to damages caused by mechanical and chemical factors. Dark circles appear when micro-circulation among cells is distorted. When skin lacks of water and is fatigued, there is greater possibility of free-radical and other impurities penetrating deep into all skin levels.

Eye Rule by Sampar smooths wrinkles and highlights discolourations, reduces swellings and dark circles under eyes as well as provides moisture and nourishment. What is more, the product improves blood circulation of epidermis and supports collagen production. Thanks to natural substances, the product takes care of skin in a complex way. The very substances are, for instance, raspberry seed oil of anti-oxidating action, peptides of wrinkle smoothing action and other ingredients that protect and restore elasticity to skin.

What are directions for Eye Rule by Sampar use?

The product is equipped with cooling roller which enables distribution of the cosmetic along eye skin area. Eye Rule has to be applied morning to deep expression wrinkles and dark circles under eyes. The product has to be distributed from inner corner of the eye heading the outer corner. What is more, the cosmetic can be applied on above the crease area and under eyes as well, just to get rid of swellings caused by fatigue or sleep deprivation. For better results, it is advised to store Sampar Eye Rule in the refrigerator.