Ranking Of The Top 7 False Cluster Lashes For At-Home Application 

The pursuit of the perfect-looking, natural eyelash fan seems endless. Women try various products and treatments to achieve the effect they have always dreamed of. However, natural lashes have it that after 3 months they have to give way to new ones. So cluster lashes for at-home application seem the best way to thicken the eyelashes!

Ranking of DIY eyelash extensions – they ensure you can achieve your goal!

The beauty market is constantly evolving. So it is not surprising that women follow all the new trends and releases with great interest and attention. The appearance of cluster lashes for at-application certainly caused some interest. DIY lash extensions? Thanks to the false cluster eyelashes it is not only possible, but also easy!

This product is considered a real revolution in eyelash styling. It ensures you can achieve spectacular results in a matter of minutes.

More beauty brands have begun to release their products. They outdo themselves with ideas on how to attract women’s attention. Marketing efforts are extensive. For this reason, women increasingly wonder which cluster lashes actually deserve attention.

That is why this ranking involves products from different brands. All of these cluster lashes are designed for DIY application at home. All of them are also supposed to ensure fast, simple, and durable application.

Nevertheless, you can see some differences between specific kits for at-home lash extensions. It is the details that decide whether the application will indeed be easy and pleasant, or whether it will cause a bit more trouble.

Eyelash clusters for at-home application – which products stand out?

The choice of lash clusters for DIY application can be quite problematic for most women. Local and online beauty stores are brimming with products from different brands. All of them may seem tempting to try.

You should bear in mind though, that the promises of many manufacturers are often not confirmed in reality. That’s why we are here with our suggestions that can meet your expectations!

1. Nanolash cluster lashes – DIY Lash Extensions 

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The ranking starts with the strongest candidate. Without the slightest doubt, these must be DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash. The brand leads the way with a variety of eyelash care and styling products.

Nanolash has recently released DIY Lash Extensions for at-home applications. The product immediately received an extremely positive reception from women. What’s more, ladies are eager to share positive reviews about it online.

DIY Eyelash Extensions come in a kit or a single package. The box contains 36 cluster lashes. On average, one application requires the use of 4 clusters. As a result, with one box, you will be able to create 4 lash looks or way more if you decide to reuse the lashes – numerous reviews indicate that Nanolash cluster lashes are reusable.

Also, there is a huge variety of cluster lashes to choose from. Each case contains lashes in 3 lengths: 10, 12, and 14 mm. They also come in 8 styles to choose from. You can easily guess this gives unlimited possibilities for styling eyelashes. DIY Lash Extensions work well for both Russian Volume lashes but also as gentle lash extensions for everyday wear.

DIY Eyelash Extensions come in a stylish, eye-catching box, which protects them from damage during transport and allows you to store them conveniently.

It is worth noting that a complete eyelash extensions kit is also available for sale. It includes – in addition to the cluster lashes:

  • Nanolash bonder – it is used to glue the clusters and becomes tacky in just 30-60 seconds;
  • Nanolash sealer – it helps remove the sticky layer left by the bonder;
  • eyelash tweezers – made of stainless steel;
  • a remover – it allows you to remove the cluster lashes without any problems.

DIY Eyelash Extensions are a premium product. These soft and lightweight cluster eyelashes perfectly blend with natural lashes. Owners of sensitive eyes can also benefit from them! The false lash clusters for at-home application from Nanolash do not cause irritation or allergic reactions. They fit perfectly to the eye and bring out the power of the whole gaze. The application takes 10 minutes and the effects last up to 5 days no matter what.

Given the above advantages, it’s no wonder that DIY Lash Extensions deserved the first place in our ranking!

2. Amor Lashes QuickLash Starter Kit

Amor Lashes is a brand that also aims to make it easier for women to get a fan of full lashes. Nevertheless, Amor Lashes’ cluster lashes do not deserve to be called a leader of this ranking.

It turns out that the application of these lash clusters can be a bit more difficult than with Nanolash cluster lashes. This is due to the design of the bonder which comes with a not very precise applicator. This may cause some difficulties in its application. It’s well-known that unevenly applied bonder makes it virtually impossible to apply the false eyelashes properly.

Despite these drawbacks, the Amor Lashes QuickLash Starter Kit can arouse interest. The kit contains C curl-type cluster lashes in 3 lengths to choose from. In addition, the kit also includes the necessary accessories.

The manufacturer declares that the effects of a single application are supposed to last up to 5 days. However, this largely depends on the right application. Given that women may experience problems in this regard, it can be assumed that these cluster lashes are designed for those women who already have some experience.

3. Lilac St Intro Starter Kit

The Lilac St Intro Starter Kit cluster lashes are next on the chart. This is a fairly classic and basic kit for beginners. It allows you to do your own eyelash extensions in a fairly short time.

The manufacturer indicates that it should take about 15 minutes to apply these pre-made lash clusters. However, it is necessary to prep the lashes properly. Ideally, you should curl them first with an eyelash curler and then lightly coat them with mascara. Unfortunately, unlike Nanolash cluster lashes, the ones by Lilac St are characterized by rather thick bristles. They deliver a WOW effect, but blending them with your natural lashes may be a bit more difficult.

Lilac St Intro Starter Kit includes cluster lashes in 5 lengths – from 8 to 18 mm. However, not all styles come in the same lengths. Some types come in only 2 lengths like 10 and 12 mm. This, in turn, may somewhat limit your ability to customize your lash looks.

The false eyelashes from Lilac St are durable. They are supposed to last about 4 days. However, it takes a little time to care for them properly though. Also, there is no clear information on whether they are reusable – the reviewers’ opinions are strongly divided on this issue.

4. Invisi-Lash Kit TATTI

The next place in this chart belongs to the Invisi-Lash Kit lashes from TATTI. These lash clusters for DIY application at home are lightweight and soft. These clusters are available in three lengths. In addition to the false lashes, the kit includes the necessary accessories for the application. However, reviewers point out that the included applicator is not the best shaped. This, in turn, can make the whole process of applying the lashes more difficult.

The manufacturer ensures the lashes can be applied in only 10 minutes. The effects of a single application are supposed to last for several days. In the case of DIY Lash Extensions, you can enjoy as much as 5 days of lash wear. Unfortunately, the Invisi-Lash Kit from TATTI does not give a clear answer in this regard.

Some users also point out that the kit arrived to them in less-than-perfect condition. Unfortunately, TATTI’s Invisi-Lash Kit does not boast quality packaging like the cluster lashes from Nanolash. The poor quality of the packaging also makes storing the clusters difficult after opening them.

5. Lashify Starter Kit

Next up, we have the lashes from Lashify Starter Kit. These lash clusters for at-home application are distinguished by their softness and lightness. As in previous cases, you can choose from several styles and lenghts.

Lashify Starter Kit comes with the rest of the accessories foreasy DIY lash extensions. The manufacturer indicates that the application can be completed in 10 minutes. However, users do not confirm this in their reviews. They indicate that the first try to apply the clusters was not the easiest. It is worth noting that such reviews did not appear in the case of the lash clusters from Nanolash. This is of great importance in practice, since the kit from Lashify is the most expensive product of this kind on the beauty market and the package contains only 10 cluster lashes. This means that if the first application fails, you will have to order another refill pack to try again. It is not cheap and also contains just 10 clusters.

The durability itself also leaves a lot to be desired. The manufacturer describes it as “several days”. So it is not clearly stated whether they will last 2, 3, or maybe 5 days. You must also make every effort not to expose the clusters to mechanical damage. A few days’ lifespan at the price of semi-permanent salon lash extensions is hardly a favorable aspect here.

6. The KISS Falscara Starter Kit

KiSS Falscara Starter Kit provides false eyelashes a little different from everyone else. They are thin and as delicate as a feather. This, in turn, means that while they look natural, they can be quite susceptible to any damage. You should handle them very gently.

Cluster lashes from the KISS brand can be applied in only 10 minutes. Users seem to confirm this claim. However, there are some reservations about the claimed durability. The manufacturer claims that the lashes from KISS Falscara Starter Kit can last up to 5 days. In the reviews, however, users clearly indicate that for some of them, their lash look ebegan to lose its aesthetics after just 2 days.

The clusters for at-home application come in different sizes and styles to choose from. Thus, the false eyelashes from KISS allow you to create any lash look you want. You can use them to create Russian Volume lashes, but also gentle lash extensions for everyday wear. However, unlike Nanolash cluster lashes, the durability of this product is quite questionable.

You should also know that the cluster eyelashes from this brand should be coated with an overnighter that’s sold separately every evening to prolong their durability. Its formula, on the other hand, makes the clusters unsuitable for reuse once they are taken off.

7. Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit

Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit provides cluster lashes for at-home application that come in several sizes and styles to choose from.

These lashes can be applied in 15 minutes. This is slightly longer than, for example, DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash. Moreover, some users reported problems with the shape of the applicator included in the kit. The tip does not seem to be designed to grip thin and delicate lashes.

Nonetheless, the Glamnetic Lash Extensions Kit is worthy of attention. You can create any style you want using these false lashes. They are quite thin, so ladies may have to use a bit more lash clusters per application.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not clearly indicate how long they can be worn on the eye. It is only emphasized that the Glamnetic Lash Extensions Kit cluster lashes can be worn for several days. In the case of Nanolash lashes, it was 5 days or even more. Here, however, you must experiment a bit. Certainly, this is one of the major drawbacks.

DIY lash extensions – what did we learn from the ranking?

The above ranking is a compilation of 7 products for easy DIY lash extensions at home. It contains a selection of convenient to apply cluster lashes, which differ in small details.

DIY Eyelash Extensions from Nanolash are the leader in this field. These cluster eyelashes significantly distinguish themselves from the competition. They ensure full freedom when styling your eyelashes.

Ladies, when making your final choice, should be guided primarily by your own needs and preferences. This way, you will be able to create a lash look you dream about the most.