Oils used in cosmetics. Which oils are worth going for?

Today, more and more oils dominate the compositions of many skincare cosmetics. Why do manufacturers so eagerly enrich their products with them? Natural oils have a lot of different properties and greatly affect the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

Until recently, oils have been used only in the kitchen drawing health benefits from them. We started using oils for skin and hair care purposes relatively recently. Indeed, the Indian tradition turned out to be a great inspiration. Women in India consider oils as the best beautifying and conditioning treatment and have been using them for centuries. Currently, several hundred different oils are used in cosmetics, which is why you can see for yourself what oil gives to your own skin, hair, nails and even your eyelashes.

Among a wide range of oils (including essential oils), there are three that are most often chosen by women.  In some cases, it concerns low price, and with others – a complex care. Here are the most popular oils worth reaching for.

Argan oil 

There is really no other oil so popular around the world. Argan oil is also referred to as the liquid gold of Morocco because: it’s quite expensive, it’s valuable as pure gold and it’s only obtained exclusively from Moroccan argan tree plantations. What’s more, original argan oil even resembles gold – it is clear and golden in colour. The unrefined oil has a nutty. It can be used in the care of the skin, hair and nails. How does it work? It provides thermo-protection and regenerates the hair. In skin care, it acts like a sunscreen and prevents loss of moisture.

Coconut oil 

The second most popular is coconut oil, which is extruded from light coconut flesh. Sometimes, it is mistakenly called palm oil. It’s cold pressed and unrefined form, it resembles light, creamy butter. The substance dissolves in contact with the skin, which is why it works well as a replacement for a body lotion. Coconut oil provides the skin with an adequate level of hydration, soothes irritation and smoothes. It is recommended for acne-prone skin because it has antibacterial properties. When it comes to the hair care, is only suitable for low porosity and it is recommended that you use it only on the scalp or to protect the ends from splitting.

Castor oil 

The last oil is very inconspicuous, especially that we can buy it in a pharmacy as a remedy for stomach problems. It is inexpensive, so it is worth using it both solo and in combination with other oils. It is best known for the fact that it boosts the growth of hair and eyelashes, and also inhibits their loss. However, due to its dense formula, it is recommended to rub it only into the scalp or to combine with other conditioning and beautifying ingredients. Castor oil helps restore skin’s glow and softness, when it comes to the nails, it strengthens them and makes them smoother.