ZOEVA En Taupe Palette – Eye Shadow Palette For Special Tasks

I finally found time to describe a cool-shadowed eye palette by Zoeva. Indeed, the product is well-known, the Internet is full of positive reviews describing it outstanding performance. However, I decided to devote some time and take a closer look at it because En Taupe Palette is a classic that is compared with Naked by Urban Decay. Is En Taupe Palette good enough to be associated with Urban Decay’s palette?

Zoeva En Taupe Palette fell into my hands just a few days later the world premiere. Therefore, we can say that I had plenty of time to gather my thoughts about the product, which definitely makes my review extensive and complete. Zoeva itself is a fairly new German cosmetic brand which has taken the market by storm with its professional makeup brushes and colour cosmetics. The thing that I like about Zoeva most is the scrupulous attention paid to each detail. Although I haven’t got the opportunity to test the brushes, I believe that I’ll be equally astonished with their performance as I am with En Taupe eye shadows.

What is considered as a positive feature of Zoeva En Taupe is high pigmentation of colours. And I can totally agree with that. Even the brightest shadows are so sharp and provide great camouflage that doing eye make-up is a pure pleasure. What is more, En Taupe is not only composed of matte shadows (four of them) but also of matte with glitter, sparkling shadows and luminescing ones. The formula of Zoeva eyeshadows provides pleasant and effortless application. Despite the perfect covering action, they mix and blend flawlessly which gives the possibility of creating impressive eye make-ups. Believe me, I was testing the palette not only on me but also on other people and every time the outcomes were outstanding. Although there is only 10 colours, Zoeva En Taupe provides endless possibilities which can be limited only by one’s imagination. I’m delighted with the durability and high quality of Zoeva eye shadows, because for me, these are a kind of revelation available in a very reasonable price. Easy to apply, highly-pigmented and long-lasting eye shadows create make-up which stays true all day and night. It’s performance is also dazzling in the summer, when makeup is supposed to be light, delicate and not to obvious. One can take naturalness for granted when applying Zoeva En Taupe Palette.

Another worth mentioning feature of the product is its case – elegant and solid. The only issue that might be considered as a drawback is lack of a mirror. For me, it is not a problem at all because I prefer doing make-up looking in my dressing table’s mirror. To sum up, Zoeva En Taupe Palette is my number one among other similar products.