Wedding planning. What cosmetics should a bride-to-be use?

Wedding preparations concern mainly the bride – the choice of dress, hairdresser, make-up artist, skin and hair care treatments. What kind of cosmetics does every woman need to prepare for this important day? Check if you have them on your list!

A lot has been said about the importance of pre-wedding beauty treatments. Some women planning their weddings still ask themselves the question, whether they are truly necessary. If the currently used face cream is effective, it seems that it makes no sense to change it. This is a mistaken belief!

On the wedding day, your hair, skin and nails are exposed to many negative factors  – stress, heavy makeup, a sophisticated hairdo with loads of hairspray and sometimes there’s wind, rain or sun. It is worth preparing your hair, skin and nails for such conditions. Appropriate cosmetics will be a huge help in all of this.


  1. Hair oil – hair oiling is a natural method to strengthen, thicken and beautify the hair before the big day. Even half a year before the planned date of the wedding, it is worth introducing natural oils in the hair care routines. They are the only substances that adapt to the hair structure, strengthen the protection against water loss and other harmful factors, and facilitate styling.
  2. Scalp lotions – every woman who wishes to grow out the hair before her wedding, should get a good-quality scalp lotion. Some herbal extracts combined with a regular, few-minute scalp massage are able to stimulate the bulbs which result in inhibited hair loss and increased growth. A scalp lotion is the best and most natural way to prep your hair for the upcoming event.
  3. Eyelash serum – lashes are considered the most important features in a bridal look. They are the ones that emphasize the eye and beautify the entire makeup. Therefore, a few month before the big day (3 is enough) it is worth purchasing a growth-stimulating eyelash serum. The product will strengthen, thicken, darken, increase length and elasticity of your lashes. The answer to a question which eyelash serum is the best, is worth looking for in online reviews, rankings and opinions on beauty forums.
  4. Face serum – at least a month prior the wedding, you should replace your regular face cream with a concentrated serum. The amount and quality of the beautifying components in such a cosmetic is a lot higher and better. This way, we can easily brighten, smooth out, rejuvenate the complexion. A face serum should not be used all the time but as a pre-wedding support that will prep the skin for a heavy bridal makeup (even of a problematic skin type).