Eyes Make-Up

Are eyelash extensions harmful?

Nowadays, there is a wide range of treatments performed on eyelashes, for instance, tinting, perm, lifting, etc. However, the most popular are still lash extensions and volume lash extensions. It is worth remembering that lash styling can also contribute to increased lash fall out. 

Whenever you feel tired of the daily use of mascara, eyelash styling is a great solution. We cannot only darken, but also regenerate, curl, lengthen and thicken them. We have more and more opportunities and we are happy to use them, although many of the treatments are only temporarily.

Eyelash extensions are the most popular among all the lash treatments; it involves sticking individual false eyelashes to the natural ones which result in thickened lash line and emphasized shape of the eye. Only the upper eyelashes can be lengthened, using synthetic lashes of various length, thickness, colour, and even curl – all to make the effects as natural as possible.

Unfortunately, this treatment has many disadvantages. The most frequently mentioned downsides of eyelash extensions are very high costs, temporary effects (they last only a few weeks), the necessity to regularly fill in the deficits and the limitations associated with wearing false eyelashes. You cannot use cosmetics with oils that could dissolve the adhesive. You cannot expose your eyelashes to moisture during the first few days. Even touching the lashes can weaken the effects (which is often difficult to stop). Eyelash extensions on their own can also damage eyelashes.

How do eyelash extensions affect lashes?

Each false eyelash or eyelash clusters (up to eight thin lashes in one) are adhered to the natural ones, and therefore, they fall out with them. It is quite a burden for such delicate hairs which, without proper care, may be weak and have a tendency to break. Eyelash extensions applied regularly, may affect the condition of your lashes, weaken them, increase fall out and crumble. The bulbs are weak due to frequent irritations and allergies to synthetic materials or components of the eyelash glue. The eyelash growth potential decreases, therefore, after removal of the eyelash extensions, the natural ones are thin, sparse and weak.

How to strengthen lashes after eyelash extensions?

Even if eyelash extensions destroy eyelashes, we can restore their vitality and beauty. Just look at the eyelash serum rankings and choose the one with the best composition of ingredients. A good-quality serum will work on eyelash roots; it will regenerate and strengthen the bulbs. It will also speed up growth and even activate dormant bulbs, thanks to which the lashline will be complemented by new small lashes. When used as recommended, the product can make the lashes stronger, thicker and longer within a few weeks. If you like natural effects, reinforced eyelashes can be expressive enough so that eyelash extensions will no longer be needed. A top-rated eyelash serum is definitely a better solution.