What is winter’s impact on the beauty? Care in the freezing weather

It is a well-known fact that in the winter we have to take even better care of our health. At this time many people choose to take an additional dose of vitamins and other dietary supplements, drink fish oil and rather avoid contact with people who have the flu.

The rough season of the year has yet another face — apart from health, it also gets to our beauty. Falling out hair, dry skin, cracked blood vessels, wrinkles, dull and fatigued skin and thinning and weak eyelashes — it is a list that does not make us optimistic. What can we do about it so that winter would not steal all of our beauty away?

How and with what should you take care of your skin in the winter?

The face is like our organism’s map. Just by looking at the skin, hair and eyelashes you can see how someone is eating and what lifestyle one’s have, whether we sleep enough or not. Skin condition tells us if you took care of it or not.

So that skin wouldn’t suffer in this freezing time of the year, you have to use creams with a bit more saturated texture, rich in nourishing substances. Good winter cream will protect skin against low temperatures and nourishes it deeply. Great idea is to replace the face serum with natural oil (e.g. avocado or jojoba). Oils are fully natural substances with intense regenerating and strengthening action on the skin.

How and with what should you take care of your eyelashes and hair in the winter?

Hair (both on the top of your head and the one framing your eyes) react badly to low temperatures and dry air produced by radiators. The dryness is suffered by not only its external structures along the hair shaft but also by the hair bulbs. Then hair loses volume and bounciness, become weak and fall out. To prevent sudden increased eyelashes thinning you should use a special eyelash serum which was created to work directly on the follicles. Eyelash serum is the best, fastest remedy for the weak and thinning lashes. It has great opinions among women who used it.

When it comes to the hair it is similar, in order for it to preserve its vitality and elasticity you should most of all focus on nourishing hair bulbs. Hair oil treatment or hair mask with natural oils are the best things you can treat your hair with. Natural oils strengthen hair structure and are perfectly capable of matching the hair type.