Eyes Make-Up

LEGO for the eyelashes – which nutrients are best for the lashes?

Lashes — so small yet so important part of our body.

Besides their protective function fulfil also one for (certainly equally important feature for every woman) the beauty purposes. It is obvious that eyelashes are the decoration for the entire face. These make look more expressive and are an invaluable element for every make-up. That is why it is good to know what do these tiny hair need in order to be strong, healthy and beautiful and make sure you deliver those nutrients regularly.

Nutrients essential to lashes

Eyelash regeneration should start with what you introduce to your organism along with the food. For eyelashes to grow beautiful and prevent their thinning, you need to make sure you provide various “bricks” which eyelashes can use to build their majestic appearance. The most valuable are minerals and vitamins. To the nourishing components that are most important to lashes belong biotin (improves elasticity and vitality of the hair, prevents dryness), iron (supports eyelash growth), vitamin A (protects eyelashes against toxins from the environment, impacts growth and eyelash renewal), vitamin B9, or folic acid (enhances fast nails and eyelashes growth), zinc (supports keratin production; the most important eyelashes’ lumber). It is good to consider also keratin in its pure form along with vitamin E to protect hairs against ageing and vitamin C which is responsible for the vitality. To prevent brittleness and breakage silicon is advised.

Where should you look for the aforementioned components? It is best when delivered to the organism along with the food and processed this way to take the best care of the lashes condition (components are delivered directly to the follicles).

Messy bricks — what can help you regenerate damaged eyelashes?

If — in spite of providing eyelashes with all the nutrients — their condition worsens and you have no idea how to rebuild the impaired structure, you should reach out to the “specialist”. Eyelash serum is a cosmetic of small size but with great power. The components of eyelash serum work like the best renovation crew, it is able to rebuild even extremely damaged lashes and does it in just matter of few weeks. Eyelash serum works where needed is strong and organised offensive. It saves lashes weakened by stress, disease, extensions or… the ones weak by nature.