Fatigue and aching legs? Treatments and relaxing exercises

Sitting lifestyle and lack of physical exercise in the fresh air, wearing high-heeled shoes … By the end of day your legs can be tired and achy. See what kind of treatments and exercises can bring a great relief to your legs.

Causes of pain and fatigue can be numerous. Among the most frequent ones are badly suited shoes. It applies especially to women who wear high-heeled shoes even on hot summer days. Problems with kidneys and the cardiovascular system may also cause swellings, varicose veins and swollen legs. Problems with legs frequently occur in the summer when due to high temperatures our veins are getting wider and blood remains in the lower parts of body.These symptoms cause even greater discomfort esecially if we force ourselves to an immediate physical effort. As a result our muscles and feet are achy or swollen and imprints and blisters come out.

What should you do with aching legs?

The most efficient way is to put your legs high. They must be put higher than your head. Put them on the couch bakrest. Blood in the lower parts of your body will circulate better, swellings will disappear and your legs will stop aching. The swelling and fatigue can be got rid of thanks to a cold bath. Cold water improves your blood circulation and will bring you a relief and relax. It’s also worth trying to water your legs interchangeably with warm and cold water. For better results you can add  a pinch of kitchen salt, a few drops of essential oil or some citrus juice to the water. Refreshing cosmetics can also bring a relief to the tired legs. Their main ingredient is menthol which chills skin and soothes achy legs and feet. Ice compresses are also recommended for swellings. Put some ice cubes into the cloth or foil bag and use them to massage your legs starting with feet up to your knees and thighs.

What kind of exercises can help us to relax and forget about swollen legs?

Do so-called cycling exercise. Lay down on your back and pretend to ride a bicycle. Cycle with your legs bent at your knees. Next, do the circular movements with straight legs to the left and then to the right. Some sit-ups and walking on your toes and heels may also soothe the pain in your legs.

How to take care of your legs on hot summer days? 

Taking cold and hot shower can make a big difference. While at work do some exercises improving your blood circulation. Do some circular movements with your feet under your desk or take a few steps along the desk. Don’t forget to take a soothening cream for swellings with horse chestnut or arnica extracts. Every three days have a feet peeling. That way you will be able to exfoliate your dead epidermis cells and soothe and relax your legs.