Cluster Lashes – Nanolash DIY Lash Extensions – A Full Lash Transformation In A Flash!

Eyelash extensions at home, until now, remained only a dream. Women had to experiment with mascaras, semi-permanent lash extensions, or false strip lashes. However, the results achieved in these ways were not always satisfactory. Nowadays, there’s a new solution – cluster lashes for DIY application from Nanolash. 

Who can get DIY lash extensions at home?

Every woman dreams of a stunning gaze. To achieve that, you need expressive and beautifully curled eyelashes. Unfortunately, Mother Nature was not very generous to all of us in this regard.

Eyelashes are by nature quite thin and delicate and they can easily start to fall out with improper care. The life cycle of an eyelash is extremely short, and styling treatments can further weaken it.

However, DIY Eyelash Extensions using cluster lashes from Nanolash have recently appeared on the beauty market. This product allows you to do your own lash extensions at home. It’s easy to guess that this is a real game-changer on the cosmetic market.

These ready-made lash clusters for at-home application were created with every woman in mind. Ladies who are hoping, for example, for a temporary change of their look, can opt for self-application lash extensions. It’s also a great solution for women who are looking for a way to get lash extensions for a big occasion and don’t want to opt for a semi-permanent treatment.

DIY Lash Extensions are also a way to experiment with your look. You can switch your lash looks using different lengths and styles of cluster lashes to create your dream lash look.

cluster lashes

Nanolash cluster lashes – DIY Eyelash Extensions – what versions of lashes are available?

The luxurious cluster lashes from Nanolash have been created with every woman’s individual needs in mind. The manufacturer has made sure that there is a lot of variety within one product.

A standard box of these false lashes for self-application at home contains 36 ready-made clusters in 3 lengths: 10, 12, and 14 mm. In addition, ladies can also choose from 8 styles.

There is also a complete lash extensions kit available for purchase. Then, apart from the cluster lashes, you also get a bonder, a sealer, a remover, and a lash applicator tool by Nanolash. These essential accessories for lash extensions at home all come in 5 ml sizes. In addition, the products come with convenient applicators, so you can distribute them easily.

cluster lashes

How to apply cluster lashes at home?

DIY Lash Extensions is a product that stands out for its extremely easy application. Even if you lack experience in this matter, you will be able to cope with it. When it comes to the ready-made cluster lashes for at-home application, you just need to take them out of the case and choose the ones you want to use during the application. Then you need to:

  • apply a thin layer of the bonder and wait until it becomes tacky;
  • using the applicator, apply the lash clusters about 1 mm away from the lash line and press them gently to your natural lashes;
  • fuze the clusters using the applicator, and finally coat the complete look with the sealer to get rid of the sticky layer.

Exactly three simple steps are enough to transform your lash look in less than 10 minutes. A properly performed application can last for up to 5 days, and you don’t have to take your lashes off before bedtime.

cluster lashes

DIY Lash Extensions – an alluring gaze at your fingertips!

Cluster lashes for DIY Lash Extensions are a product worth considering in the category of innovation. Thanks to it, DIY lash extensions at home have become a reality. Now every woman can create long-lasting lash looks for up to 5 days in only 10 minutes. In addition, DIY Eyelash Extensions are special because they are:

  • soft;
  • durable;
  • stylish;
  • flexible.

They perfectly fit the shape of the eye, and the use of Nanolash bonder helps even out the color of the lashes.

With no doubt, ready-made cluster lashes allow you to create natural-looking lash styles that can change your look by 180 degrees!