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Optimal hair moisture – What is dew point?

Optimal hair care is quite a challenge. Choice of right cosmetics has to depend on the problem and condition of hair. However, that is not the only thing that counts. Why are there those days when – despite of exactly same conditioning – your hair frizz and do not want …

Montibello Keratin Force – Hair shampoo from Treat Naturtech line

Montibello – Spanish hair care philosophy bases on complementation of essential nourishing ingredients. Treat Naturtech product line is a 100% realisation of this assumption. It is a complex collection where you can find balms, hair masks and shampoo – Keratin Force. On the last one, more information are featured in …

Watch out! 10 steps to fine and brittle hair

Hair care is really important, but it should not be limited to regular cuts and use of conditioners. Even the most concentrated hair mask will not be effective if you would not apply to the other rules of hair care as well. Glossy and thick hair are not for those …